stuart wemyss finance podcast part 2

It’s absolutely critical that all investors learn the rules of the lending game. The banks set the rules, and they can no longer be bent or broken. Those that learn the rules and how to use them to their advantage will win the property investment game.

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Stuart Wemyss explains this in the continuation of our conversation, along with his book The Rules Of The Lending Game. Stuart is a qualified chartered accountant, an independent financial advisor and a mortgage broker.

The Rules Of The Lending Game book covers how to:

– Safely maximise your borrowing capacity,
– Position yourself as a low risk borrower to the banks,
– Correctly structure your investment loans,
– Use mortgages to reduce your taxes,
– Maximise bank valuations of your properties,
– It outlines strategies for first-time buyers,
– And shows you how to build a financing strategy to achieve your goals

So, our advice to you, if you’re turned off by the topic of mortgages and all that mind numbing confusing money stuff, is to read Stuart’s book at least once and then immediately go out and find yourself a savvy and trusted finance broker. 

And after listening to today’s episode, if you’d like to enjoy all of the detailed gold that Stuart shares in his book, he has very generously offered you a special reduced price. 

His books normally retail for $29.95 + $6.50 postage at a total cost of $36.45. However, As a Get Invested listener, Stuart has very generously agreed to offer you a massive 30% discount on both of the books Investopoly as well as The Rules of the Lending Game where you can get them for just $25 each including postage – all you need to do is jump on and enter the code ‘Bushy’ to secure this great discount.

Alternatively, and as an added bonus, just email me at and we’ll email you the special discount link to Stuart’s books along with a link to my award winning book Get Invested that you can get for free (excluding postage) that normally sells for $17.25.

And if your serious about optimising your capacity and comparing your current lenders and loan structure with the best of the rest to see how much more you can access safely, securely and affordably while reducing your risk, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our Know How Property Finance team on or email me at and we’d be happy to give you an initial free finance assessment, as long as you start by mentioning Get Invested.

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