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Hosted by Bushy Martin

Get Invested is the leading weekly podcast for Australians who want to learn how to unlock their full ‘self, health and wealth’ potential.

Hosted by Bushy Martin, an award winning property investor, founder, author and media commentator who is recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in property, investment and lifestyle, Get Invested reveals the secrets of the high performers who invest for success in every aspect of their lives and the world around them.

Bushy’s engaging interviews go deep with the best investors, property experts, analysts, leaders, founders, sports stars and health gurus to find out what it takes to break free from the grind, find freedom and live by design.

Each episode is packed with incredible stories, practical insights and exclusive resources to equip listeners with the knowledge and power to take control of their future.  

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Get Invested Episode Notes

danielle ecuyer US equities

186. Danielle Ecuyer on investing in US equities

Want to open up your investment world by tapping into the United States? While there are risks there are great rewards, says Danielle Ecuyer.
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lachlan vidler

185. Lachlan Vidler on a military approach to investing

The core qualities and approaches developed and adopted by the military Navy Seals and the military generally are foundational and applicable to success in any and all walks of life,
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louise bedford candlestick charting

184. Louise Bedford on the investment secrets of candlestick charting

Share trading expert Louise Bedford reveals the psychology, mindset and systems behind successful investors, including how to benefit from candlestick charts.
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bushy martin goose mcgrath investment property

183. Bushy Martin & Goose McGrath: Should you buy an investment property now or wait?

You might be hearing a lot of reasons against buying an investment property in Australia right now.
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ben tripodi measuring what matters podcast interview

182. Ben Tripodi invests in measuring what matters

To be successful in any field, we need to know what critical key results to measure, and how to do it. How do we make sense of data to define
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pete wargent investment boom

181. Pete Wargent on media gloom vs investment boom

Top investment analyst and property expert Pete Wargent is back on Get Invested to talk about how to handle Australia’s investment boom.
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