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Hosted by Bushy Martin

Get Invested is the leading weekly podcast for Australians who want to learn how to unlock their full ‘self, health and wealth’ potential.

Hosted by Bushy Martin, an award winning property investor, founder, author and media commentator who is recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in property, investment and lifestyle, Get Invested reveals the secrets of the high performers who invest for success in every aspect of their lives and the world around them.

Bushy’s engaging interviews go deep with the best investors, property experts, analysts, leaders, founders, sports stars and health gurus to find out what it takes to break free from the grind, find freedom and live by design.

Each episode is packed with incredible stories, practical insights and exclusive resources to equip listeners with the knowledge and power to take control of their future.  

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Get Invested Episode Notes

rasti vaibhav property wealth

195. Part 1: Rasti Vaibhav on your property wealth blueprint

Rasti Vaibhav is one of those rare investors and property professionals with a passion for waking you up and shaking you up to the need to start living by design,
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steve palise on commercial property in australia

194. Steve Palise on commercial property investing explained simply

Steve Palise says commercial property is sometimes viewed as risky when really it’s just not well understood. 
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steve moriarty timeless investment principles

193. Part 2: Steve Moriarty on timeless investment principles

Steve Moriarty believes that anyone can be a successful investor. Picking up from our previous episode, Steve breaks down his eight timeless principles that anyone can apply to build their
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steve moriarty podcast

192. Part 1: Steve Moriarty on knowing thy self

What type of person are you? What is your personality type? And how does it influence your investing? 
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steve baxter startups

191. Part 2: Steve Baxter on investing in startups

We’re taking the journey into the brave new world of startups and startup investing, continuing the conversation with successful startup founder, tech startup investor and Shark Tank star Steve Baxter.
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steve baxter podcast interview

190. Part 1: Steve Baxter on seeing what others don’t

What separates the best entrepreneurs from the rest? Top investor, founder and ‘Shark’ Steve Baxter knows better than anyone.
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