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The Get Invested podcast

Hosted by Bushy Martin

Get Invested is the leading weekly podcast for Australians who want to learn how to unlock their full ‘self, health and wealth’ potential.

Hosted by Bushy Martin, an award winning property investor, founder, author and media commentator who is recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted experts in property, investment and lifestyle, Get Invested reveals the secrets of the high performers who invest for success in every aspect of their lives and the world around them.

Bushy’s engaging interviews go deep with the best investors, property experts, analysts, leaders, founders, sports stars and health gurus to find out what it takes to break free from the grind, find freedom and live by design.

Each episode is packed with incredible stories, practical insights and exclusive resources to equip listeners with the knowledge and power to take control of their future.  

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Get Invested Episode Notes

bushy martin started property investment

235. In the beginning: Bushy Martin on getting started in property investment

Find out how Bushy Martin got started in property investment and how he uses it to achieve his wealth goals.
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bushy martin sonya martin design your life

234. Bushy and Sonya Martin on unifying to design your life

In another special episode of Get Invested, Bushy Martin is joined by his wife, Sonya, to talk about how they partner together in life and business to achieve their goals.
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bushy martin property lifestyle

233. Bushy Martin on designing your life through property investment

Bushy Martin reveals his story about building a powerful property portfolio, and how it is designed to align with his lifestyle. 
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jane slack-smith podcast

232. Jane Slack-Smith on renovating yourself and your wealth

When people have financial security, they can live out their true purpose and impact the world. Jane Slack-Smith joins Get Invested to explain what it takes to make this happen.
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stephen hunt publican podcast

231. Stephen J Hunt on the merits of Find, Build, Sell

Top publican and award winning innovator Stephen J Hunt talks about what it takes to successfully invest in your passion.
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rob flux property development podcast

230. Rob Flux on investing in your property development network

Rob Flux talks about how to accelerate your wealth ambitions with property development.
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