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steve baxter podcast interview

190. Part 1: Steve Baxter on seeing what others don’t

What separates the best entrepreneurs from the rest? Top investor, founder and ‘Shark’ Steve Baxter knows better than anyone.
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barry richardson trust podcast

189. Barry Richardson on investing in trust

Who do you trust, and who can you trust? In these troubled and challenging times, building trust is key to achieving sustainable success.
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andrew baxter investment education podcast

188. Andrew Baxter on investing in education

When it comes to investment, there’s never been a more important time to get educated and build a solid set of investment principles.
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donny walford diversity podcast

187. Donny Walford on investing in diversity

If you want to invest in true diversity, equality and inclusion, you need to listen to Donny Walford.
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danielle ecuyer US equities

186. Danielle Ecuyer on investing in US equities

Want to open up your investment world by tapping into the United States? While there are risks there are great rewards, says Danielle Ecuyer.
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lachlan vidler

185. Lachlan Vidler on a military approach to investing

The core qualities and approaches developed and adopted by the military Navy Seals and the military generally are foundational and applicable to success in any and all walks of life, particularly property investment.
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louise bedford candlestick charting

184. Louise Bedford on the investment secrets of candlestick charting

Share trading expert Louise Bedford reveals the psychology, mindset and systems behind successful investors, including how to benefit from candlestick charts.
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bushy martin goose mcgrath investment property

183. Bushy Martin & Goose McGrath: Should you buy an investment property now or wait?

You might be hearing a lot of reasons against buying an investment property in Australia right now.
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ben tripodi measuring what matters podcast interview

182. Ben Tripodi invests in measuring what matters

To be successful in any field, we need to know what critical key results to measure, and how to do it. How do we make sense of data to define and track our key measures? 
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pete wargent investment boom

181. Pete Wargent on media gloom vs investment boom

Top investment analyst and property expert Pete Wargent is back on Get Invested to talk about how to handle Australia’s investment boom.
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Paul Roos on performance by design

180. Here it is! Paul Roos on performance by design

Paul Roos is an AFL legend, regarded as one of the game’s all time great leaders and mentors. 
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todd sloan how to buy property for less

179. Todd Sloan on how to buy property faster for less

You’re about to learn the top strategies to buy property in Australia, even in uncertain and challenging times.
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danny eckert sleep rest podcast interview

178. How Prof. Danny Eckert invests in rest

If you’re not sleeping well, you’re not performing to your full potential. Investing in rest is one of the best things you can do. But how?
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Wade Kingsley investing in ideas

177. Wade Kingsley on investing in ideas

Creative coach and ideas guy Wade Kingsley says “brainstorming is bullshit”. So if it’s no good at stimulating creativity and generating ideas, what do we do?
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dr shane oliver

176. Dr Shane Oliver on the noble purpose of investing

The highly acclaimed and respected Dr Shane Oliver is living a life of noble purpose, and he shares how you can too.
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asset bubble speed wobbles

175. Adopting ‘JOMO’ for asset boom speed wobbles

We’ve got an episode packed with expert insights to help you understand what has happened, what is happening and what is coming in the world of investment.
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scott o'neill commercial property interview

174. Scott O’Neill on investing beyond your backyard

Scott O’Neill and his wife, Mina, are experienced, sophisticated and active property investors who retired from their day jobs at the tender age of 28! That’s a story worth exploring.
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arjun paliwal retirement

173. Part 2: Arjun Paliwal on the habits of success

What is your retirement strategy? Financial and property expert Arjun Paliwal talks about how to convert investments for your ideal retirement.
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arjun paliwal podcast part 1

172. Part 1: Arjun Paliwal on the habits of success

To be a successful investor, you need to be an effective saver. In this episode, Arjun Paliwal shows you how.
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prof. mark crosby podcast

171. Prof. Mark Crosby on where are we heading?

What does Australia’s economic future look like? How will the pandemic, China and other global issues impact Australian investors? 
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darren kingdon super superannuation

170. Darren Kingdon on how super is Super?

Is your super setting you up for retirement? Most Australians are unaware about the state of their super, and the harsh reality that it is unlikely to cover your lifestyle when you stop working.
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kieran clair

169. Kieran Clair on the value of valuations

Property valuer and property media expert Kieran Clair reveals the valuation secrets that will help you make the best investment decisions using your head, and not your heart.
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mark carter value podcast part 2

168. Part 2: Mark Carter on investing in value

Continuing the conversation from the previous episode, Mark Carter breaks down the elements of value and how they can be applied in your life.
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mark carter add value

167. Part 1: Mark Carter on investing in value

In a two-part interview, human behaviour expert Mark Carter talks about what value really means, how you can create it, and invest in it, for success in every area of your life.
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nico dimattina podcast

166. Nico DiMattina on success without stress

How can meditation unlock the thinking, believing, attitudes and expectations that lead to success?
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ramin nakisa podcast interview

165. Ramin Nakisa: As an investor you’re better off dead!

The best investors keep it simple, and the best way to keep it simple is to ‘play dead’, according to investment expert Ramin Nakisa, who shares incredible insights in this episode.
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goose mcgrath interview part 2

164. Part 2: Goose McGrath on investing in a limitless life

In Part 1, Goose McGrath introduced the limitless life and shared what it can look like for you. Now he explains how to to live limitless.
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goose mcgrath interview part 1

163. Part 1 :Goose McGrath on investing in a limitless life

What does a limitless life look like? And how do you break free from your current circumstances to get there? Our guest in this two part interview, ‘Goose’ McGrath, lives, eats and breathes ‘limitless’ in everything he does.
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andrew stotz learning from worst investment

162. Andrew Stotz on learning from your worst investment ever

What was your worst investment ever? And is it your secret shame, or has it become the seed of your biggest learnings and opportunities? This is where our guest, Dr Andrew Stotz, comes in.
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mike mortlock depreciation

161. Mike Mortlock on appreciating depreciation as the secret to affordability

How can investors hold on to properties through a full lifecycle and beyond, without burning a massive hole in their pockets and a big cost to lifestyle?
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