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ramin nakisa podcast interview

165. Ramin Nakisa: As an investor you’re better off dead!

The best investors keep it simple, and the best way to keep it simple is to ‘play dead’, according to investment expert Ramin Nakisa, who shares incredible insights in this episode.
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goose mcgrath interview part 2

164. Part 2: Goose McGrath on investing in a limitless life

In Part 1, Goose McGrath introduced the limitless life and shared what it can look like for you. Now he explains how to to live limitless.
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goose mcgrath interview part 1

163. Part 1 :Goose McGrath on investing in a limitless life

What does a limitless life look like? And how do you break free from your current circumstances to get there? Our guest in this two part interview, ‘Goose’ McGrath, lives, eats and breathes ‘limitless’ in everything he does.
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andrew stotz learning from worst investment

162. Andrew Stotz on learning from your worst investment ever

What was your worst investment ever? And is it your secret shame, or has it become the seed of your biggest learnings and opportunities? This is where our guest, Dr Andrew Stotz, comes in.
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mike mortlock depreciation

161. Mike Mortlock on appreciating depreciation as the secret to affordability

How can investors hold on to properties through a full lifecycle and beyond, without burning a massive hole in their pockets and a big cost to lifestyle?
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bushy martin asset bubble part 2

160. Part 2: Bushy Martin on the emerging asset bubble

Now that you know where we are at from an economic and investment perspective, what do you do about it as an investor? Bushy Martin continues the conversation on the emerging asset bubble.
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bushy martin asset bubble part 1

159. Part 1: Bushy Martin on the emerging asset bubble

After a period of radical uncertainty and rapid change, things appear to be going well, on the back of huge government spending, surging markets and increasing confidence. But are you still feeling anxious and uncertain about what’s happening in the world and where we’re heading?
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david hobart investment podcast

158. David Hobart on investing in self-care and process in a world of uncertainty

Today we take you to new levels of self-awareness with the guidance of proven investor and trader David Hobart.  
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brock motum podcast

157. Brock Motum on investing in resilience – the ancient art of Amor Fati

Basketball star Brock Motum’s investments in all aspects of his life have paid off in many ways, but none more so than his dividends of resilience. 
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tommy deuschle podcast

156. Tommy Deuschle on creating opportunity out of adversity

The power of story and creation of unified vision is the driving passion and life story of our special guest on Get Invested, Tommy Deuschle.
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peter koulizos housing affordability

155. The Property Professor Peter Koulizos on housing affordability & the future of property

‘The Property Professor’ Peter Koulizos joins Get Invested to talk about the truth of housing affordability in Australia, and much more. 
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cate bakos buying property

154. Cate Bakos on the art of buying property

Cate Bakos unpacks the power of negotiation and its importance in the property buying process.
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eliza owen property podcast interview

153. Eliza Owen: Is property suffering imposter syndrome?

Eliza Owen, Head of Australian Research at CoreLogic Australia and leading economic and property commentator joins Get Invested to talk about imposterism in Australia’s property market, economics, key data indicators and so much more.
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bushy martin buy property

152. Bushy Martin: Is now the time to buy property?

In this conversation, Bushy Martin reveals key insights on the major Australian property questions of 2021.
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bushy martin on talking trading

151. Bushy Martin on Talking Trading

In this conversation, Bushy Martin joined the Talking Trading team to share his story and insights on all aspects of investing for living by design.
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Bushy & Sonya Martin the power of two

150. Bushy & Sonya Martin: The power of two

On Get Invested, Bushy and Sonya Martin reveal a partnership model for couples to shift the balance and work together towards a fulfilling life of freedom.
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chris tate 2021 2020 stock market economy

149. Chris Tate: The stock market is not the economy

On Get Invested, we continue our reflective and projective Summer Series with a parallel look at the future through the lens of the financial markets with trading veteran Chris Tate of ‘The Trading Game’ fame and the Talking Trading podcast.
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real estate talk future of property

148. Summer Series: The year that will be in Real Estate Talk

On Get Invested, we continue our summer series focusing on the year that will be in Australian property.
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australian property 2020 real estate talk

147. Summer Series: The year that was in Real Estate Talk

On Get Invested, we kick off our summer series reflecting on the year that was in Australian property.
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allan and barbara pease

146. Allan and Barbara Pease give you The Answer

In a special edition of Get Invested, Bushy Martin talks to best selling authors and communication experts Allan and Barbara Pease.
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sam phillips conveyancing

145. Sam Phillips on courage and conveyancing

It’s a time to embrace your discomfort, feel the fear and do it anyway – this is the gateway to change, learning and growth. Our guest Samantha Phillips is a great example of this.
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real estate talk property recession reforms

144. Real Estate Talk: Property recessions, reforms & revolutions

In this episode, I continue my new role as co host of Australia’s leading and most popular property show, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk on
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simon pressley future of property

143. Simon Pressley on the future property boom

Today we continue our focus on the future for property in Australia, for a very good reason – we are on the verge of a property boom.
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pete wargent investment future

142. Pete Wargent on our investment future

How are you going to protect and invest your hard earned money moving forward? What does the future hold?
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stuart wemyss finance podcast part 2

141: Part 2 – Stuart Wemyss on investing as a game of finance

It’s absolutely critical that all investors learn the rules of the lending game. The banks set the rules, and they can no longer be bent or broken. Those that learn the rules and how to use them to their advantage will win the property investment game.
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stuart wemyss podcast

140: Part 1 – Stuart Wemyss on the golden rules of investing

Despite the busyness of life, at some stage you are going to need to make the time and take the time to invest in yourself. And today’s conversation with Stuart Wemyss, spread across this and the next episode, will give you the inspiration and the information to start making it
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jim smith podcast

139: Jim Smith on living by design

All the traits and behaviours of the most successful people who live by design can be learned and inculcated – it is just about mirroring these people and developing your own set of happy habits and rewarding rituals. And a great place to start is by mirroring the approach of
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jason mcintosh podcast ep 2

138. Part 2: Jason McIntosh on systemising your investment success

Anything you decide to invest in, and the way you invest in it, needs to satisfy this criteria: it must be simple and easy, time-effective, low-cost and high-growth – meaning you just need to pick investment vehicles that tick these boxes and the job’s done!
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jason mcintosh podcast

137. Part 1: Jason McIntosh on systemising your investment success

Jason McIntosh is the creator of Motion Trader — an online advisory service for retail investors and SMSFs.
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real estate talk

136. Real Estate Talk: Mental health, COVID landlord insurance, property fact and fiction

Today’s episode aims to give you more food for thought on how to think, reduce your risk and identify emerging opportunities.
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