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luke harris invest

223. Part 2: Luke Harris on getting property fit

How do you know if you’re really ready to invest? Property expert Luke Harris talks about this big question in part 2 of his Get Invested interview.
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luke harris property fit

222. Part 1: Luke Harris on getting property fit

Luke Harris talks about how investors can get ‘property fit’ and go the distance on their journey to sustainable success.
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peter meek investment podcast

221. Peter Meek on investment abdication vs education

Accomplished CEO Peter Meek has rebuilt his wealth after losing it all in the Global Financial Crisis. He shares critical investment and life lessons.
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220 glen james my millennial money podcast

220. Glen James wants you to sort your money out and get invested!

My Millennial Money host, author and retired financial adviser Glen James reveals ‘no BS’ insights for getting your finances back on track.
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kerry swan leadership podcast

219. Kerry Swan on investing in heartfelt leadership

Business leader Kerry Swan joins the podcast to talk about why leading from the heart helps you lead yourself, and others.
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deniz yusuf on property management

218. Part 2: Deniz Yusuf on property management

Building on our previous episodes on property management, expert Deniz Yusuf joins us again to complete his conversation, talking about good management to protect your properties.
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bushy martin on selecting a property manager

217. Bushy Martin on selecting a property manager

Continuing the focus on property management for investors, Bushy Martin talks about how to find the right property manager.
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deniz yusuf property management part 1

216. Part 1: Deniz Yusuf on property management

Building on our previous episode on property management, expert Deniz Yusuf joins us to talk about how investors can get control of, and optimise, their property management. 
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bushy martin on property management podcast

215. Bushy Martin on property management

Property management is essential for success as a property investor, yet it is much harder than most expect. Bushy Martin shares his key insights, traps to watch out for and top tips.
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scott aggett negotiation

214. Part 2: Scott Aggett on investing in negotiation

The conversation with property negotiator Scott Aggett continues, focusing on how negotiation can help you navigate a hot property market.
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bushy martin power of silence

213. Bushy Martin on the power of silence

Powerful people impress by saying less. Bushy Martin talks about why silence should be one of your most important strategic attributes. 
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scott aggett property negotiation transparency

212. Part 1: Scott Aggett on investing in transparency

Property negotiator Scott Aggett talks about the power of transparency to unlock opportunity in property and life.
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bushy martin on transparency

211. Bushy Martin on transparency

In this episode, Bushy Martin talks about the importance of transparency, in property dealings, business and life. 
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helen baker divorce women financial

210. Helen Baker on helping you get on your own two feet

It can be incredibly difficult to recover from divorce, emotionally and financially. Financial expert Helen Baker talks about how to bounce back.
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godfrey dinh futurerent interview

209. Godfrey Dinh on investing in Futurerent

One of the biggest barriers to growth for property investors is access to cash. So if you’re out of savings, equity or ideas, what can you do? Our guest Godfrey Dinh shares his insights.
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paul taylor stress podcast

208. Paul Taylor on investing in stress

In this episode, we change the way we look at stress and talk about how to harness it with expert guest Paul Taylor. 
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peter wargent 2022 investment markets

207. Pete Wargent on the year ahead for investment markets

What in the world is going on in global and local investment markets? And how should investors react? Top analyst Pete Wargent provides his outlook.
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BMM housing forecast report

206. Summer Series: 2022 BMM housing market forecast report

Where can you find the best independent forecasts and information for the year ahead in Australian property? Right here in this episode.
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louis christopher property boom or bust

205. Summer Series: Louis Christopher on property boom or bust

We so often hear talk of property ‘boom’ or ‘bust’ in the mainstream media, but what’s the reality?
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Australian capital city property podcast

204. Summer Series: Effie Zahos & Terry Ryder on capital city rising stars

As we continue to look forward to the year ahead in property investing, we turn our attention to Australia’s capital cities.
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Australian regional property podcast

203. Summer Series: Effie Zahos & Terry Ryder on regional rising stars

The beginning of the year is always a time to think about what’s in store for 2022, and when it comes to property investing, everyone wants to know what’s hot and what’s not.
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bushy martin asking the right questions

202. Bushy Martin on the art of asking the right questions

Are you asking yourself the important questions to keep on track and aligned with your life vision?
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bushy martin the year that was will be

201. Living by design part 2: Bushy Martin on the year that was and the year that will be

In our previous special reposted episode, we talked about reconnecting with your big ‘why’. In this episode (originally ep 43), Bushy continues sharing his insights to help you nail your new year, revealing the ‘3 Purpose P’s’ to help you achieve your lifestyle and passive income goals, and much more. 
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podcast 200 bushy martin why

200. Living by design part 1: Bushy Martin on your big ‘why’

To bring in the new year, we’re helping you set the right foundations by reposting a couple of our most important episodes that will provide you with renewed purpose and focus.
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andrew morello interview giftivism

199. Part 2: Andrew Morello on leveraging ‘giftivism’

Entrepreneur Andrew Morello has made what Nipun Mehta calls “giftivism”, the practice of radically generous anonymous acts that change the world, a driving force in his life.
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andrew morello podcast part 1 generosity

198. Part 1: Andrew Morello on investing in generosity

Andrew Morello has made generosity the underlying driving force in his life and it has created unequalled success for others as well as himself.
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zoe lynam podcast interview

197. Zoe Lynam on pushing beyond the limits

Are you a healthy striver for excellence or an extreme, paralysed perfectionist?
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rasti vaibhav investment risk reward

196. Part 2: Rasti Vaibhav on investment risk versus reward

When investing, the expected rewards are directly proportional to the amount of risk you take. 
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rasti vaibhav property wealth

195. Part 1: Rasti Vaibhav on your property wealth blueprint

Rasti Vaibhav is one of those rare investors and property professionals with a passion for waking you up and shaking you up to the need to start living by design, not by default – to live with intent by beginning with the end in mind so that you’re making it
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steve palise on commercial property in australia

194. Steve Palise on commercial property investing explained simply

Steve Palise says commercial property is sometimes viewed as risky when really it’s just not well understood. 
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