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michael johnston asset finance part 2

306. Part 2 – Michael Johnston on asset investment

Should you pay cash, finance or lease your vehicle or equipment? Michael Johnston is back again to continue the discussion. 
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michael johnston asset finance

305. Part 1 – Michael Johnston on asset investment

Understanding access versus ownership as well as opportunity cost is key for investors.
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Sarah and Matt Packwood-Hollings podcast

304. Sarah & Matt Packwood-Hollings on distilling the essence of great investment

Could that special thing you’re super passionate about also be your big investment opportunity? This is the case for Sarah and Matt Packwood-Hollings.
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dr simone boer part 2

303. Part 2 – Dr Simone Boer on a fresh approach to brain hacking wealth creation

Looking for the transformational change that will take you to new levels of success? Tune in to the second part of our chat with Dr Simone Boer.
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dr simone boer

302. Part 1 – Dr Simone Boer on a fresh approach to brain hacking wealth creation

Many property investors feel ‘stuck’ – knowing what to do, but unable to get off the merry-go-round. Dr Simone Boer reveals why, and how to unlock your full potential.
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bill heestand business succession

301. Part 2 – Bill Heestand on investing in business succession

We continue the conversation on business succession with expert Bill Heestand.
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bill heestand

300. Part 1 – Bill Heestand on investing in business succession

A savvy business succession strategy can set you up for retirement AND set up your key employees. Bill Heestand joins us to explain how.
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serina bird pay off your mortgage

299. Part 2 – Serina Bird on how to pay off your mortgage in 10 years

With the cost of living crunch, rising interest rates and inflation, is paying off your mortgage fast even achievable? Serina Bird believes it is. 
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serina bird part 1 pay off your mortgage

298. Part 1 – Serina Bird on how to pay off your mortgage in 10 years

Instead of having property loans draining your income for 30 years, imagine paying them off in just a fraction of that time. It’s possible, and Serina Bird reveals how. 
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Australian property investor Q and A part 2

297. Part 2: Property Investor Q and A

We continue our deep dive into all of your practical and insightful property investment questions.
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Australian property investor Q and A

296. Part 1: Property Investor Q and A

Let’s get in to the really practical side of property investing and creating financial freedom.
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damian hoar

295. Damian Hoar on your finance and property survival guide

Beyond the hype and the headlines, how hard is it really to break in to Australian property, especially for young people? To talk about this and much more, Damian Hoar joins this week’s episode of Get Invested.
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lisa and brian happ property

294. Part 2, Investory – Lisa & Brian Happ on Personalised Property Professionals

Having built their own multi-million dollar property investment nest egg, Lisa and Brian Happ walk the talk.
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Lisa and Brian Happ property investment

293. Part 1, Investory – Lisa & Brian create ‘Happ-iness’

How did a hard working, everyday Aussie couple build a $7 million plus property portfolio?
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australian property

292. Bushy Martin on navigating property conditions with Dom Nesci

What’s happening in Australian property, where is it heading and what should you do about it?
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mark reid podcast

291. Mark Reid on investing in transformational change

Are familiar bad habits preventing you from investing and growing wealth? The core issue could be rooted in childhood trauma, says Mark Reid.
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australian dream bushy martin

290. Bushy Martin on why ‘the Australian dream’ is dead

Many Australians are following the broken ‘Australian dream’ model, says Bushy Martin.
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dax stanley

289. ChatGPT for property investment with Dax Stanley

The ChatGPT, artificial intelligence revolution is coming for every industry. How can property investors take advantage? Dax Stanley explains.
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amanda thompson

288. Amanda Thompson on getting financially fit

Sustainable success in wealth creation is about getting and staying financially fit, says Amanda Thompson.
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kobi simmat

287. Kobi Simmat on building an investment others want to buy

Entrepreneur Kobi Simmat talks about how to use the key principles of investment to build something that people want to buy.
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david sharp construction

286. David Sharp on how to control construction

Whether it is a new build, renovation or extension, construction is often a nightmare, but David Sharp wants to give homeowners and investors the power back. 
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john lindeman

285. John Lindeman on the art of property performance prediction

Getting property performance prediction right will transform your investing outcomes, and there’s few better at it than John Lindeman.
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matt raad digital property

284. Matt Raad on investing in digital property

Buying, renovating, selling and investing isn’t just limited to bricks and mortar, the digital world offers huge opportunities for property investors to diversify and unlock more cashflow, says Matt Raad.
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Domenic Nesci property

283. Domenic Nesci on how to not ‘f*ck it up’ with property

When it comes to buying property many aspirational investors become paralysed, but Domenic Nesci says the process doesn’t have to be confusing and stressful.
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ramin nakisa better investor

282. How to be a better investor with Ramin Nakisa

Ramin Nakisa is a top investment coach and author with a rare ability to make finance and investment education easy.
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John Manciameli

281. John Manciameli on optimising your investment capacity

Learn how to advance and accelerate your property investment approach with John Manciameli.
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travis miller alternative assets

280. Travis Miller on growing wealth faster with alternative assets

In volatile markets and uncertain times, high growth but low risk investment opportunities seem hard to find. But Travis Miller says alternative assets can open the door to high returns, safely and affordably.
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andy fernandes property investment

279. How Andy Fernandes became ‘on fire’ for property investment

Becoming a successful property investor may seem like pipe dream, but Andy Fernandes believes investing is for everyone. 
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monica rouvellas

278. Monica Rouvellas on composing limitless investment structures

Unlocking the right investment structures will remove blockers and increase your capacity for wealth creation, says Monica Rouvellas.
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bushy martin passive income

277. “How to make $200K passive income from property” with Bushy Martin & PK Gupta

Bushy Martin has achieved the goal that most investors aspire to – he has replaced his income through property.
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