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How are you going to protect and invest your hard earned money moving forward? What does the future hold?

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To give you a clearer picture on what is likely to happen as we emerge from the global pandemic, I’m joined this week by Get Invested regular Pete Wargent – one of Australia’s top investment experts and the best person I know fully understands the global scene and appreciates the machinations of the economy, the share market and property markets – a very rare combination. 

When Pete talks, I listen – his independent, objective and forward looking insights are second to none.

Now, if you want to find out if property is for you or how do to property and your finance better, because property really is a game of finance, so that you can protect and optimise your situation in the times ahead, join me on one of my regular Freedom Flight live zoom sessions where I summarise all of the gold from my step by step guide to financial freedom detailed in my book The Freedom Formula – just click here to book in a time that suits you and I look forward to talking with you personally.

The ‘Why invest?’ sessions are live and free, they are intimate and interactive – it’s about giving you inspiration and information without pressure so you can decide what the best way forward is for you.

And if you’re already on the hunt for good property opportunities, head across to Pete Wargent’s Buyers Buyers site at Not only will you get free access to property reports on properties right across the country, but you’ll also be able to tap into an affordable panel of buyers agents that gives you access to find and negotiate the purchase of every property and every suburb in the country.

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