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In this episode, I continue my new role as co host of Australia’s leading and most popular property show, Kevin Turner’s Real Estate Talk on

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During today’s episode, I talk with the Property Professor and Chairman of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia Peter Koulizos on property performance post recessions and what it might mean post COVID 19.

We chat with Stuart Weymss of ProSolutions about the increasing impact of finance on future property values.

I add a discussion about the impact of lending law reforms and the added protection finance brokers will give property purchasers and borrowers through the new Best Interest Duty legislation, which all contrasts with the premature concerns being expressed by some consumer groups.

And we close with another great chat with Pete Wargent of Buyers Buyers on how property buyers can better negotiate in tight rising property markets.

So what does all this mean to you now and what should you do about it?

Well, I’m suggesting you join the ranks of contrarian investors like myself and take the plunge before the property train leaves the station.

If you’re still not sure and you need more knowledge to give you comfort clarity and confidence, grab a free copy of my award winning book Get Invested as a precursor to the step by step guide to successful property investing outlined in my book The Freedom Formula, or if you don’t have time to read you’re welcome to come and join me on our next free online live interactive zoom information session – just email be directly at and our team will get you booked in.

In the meantime, get further inspired with these great chats with Peter Koulizos, Stuart Weymss and Pete Wargeant.

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