goose mcgrath interview part 1

What does a limitless life look like? And how do you break free from your current circumstances to get there? Our guest in this two part interview, ‘Goose’ McGrath, lives, eats and breathes ‘limitless’ in everything he does.

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Goose is the CEO of dashdot Buyers Agents, and there’s a number of things that I love about what he’s doing through this company. 

Firstly, Goose’s approach comes from an entirely new angle … instead of following the status quo in property, he’s helping investors build profitable portfolios with a proprietary Holy Trinity Formula – a renegade strategy that has helped his clients achieve an average of 61.75% return on capital in just the first 12 months. 

And no … he’s not a developer, he doesn’t sell properties, and he’s not pedalling gimmicks … he runs a service business that works directly with and for his clients to get them results. 

Secondly, Goose and I are cut from the same cloth – he is all about buying back time, building a legacy and having more fun. You’ll be inspired as he shares this vision.

Now despite his success, Goose has had an unconventional pathway to property success. Because being limitless can have both its good and bad sides. 

As you’ll hear in our great chat, He started running his own business in his early teens organising music festivals. 

And he has experienced some highs and massive lows … failing businesses, addictions and mess … like me, it was hitting rock bottom, being broke and broken, that would be his catalyst for positive change and growth.

He threw himself into property in his 30s, made some mistakes, and learned some key lessons – in my view, it’s these experiences that make him more qualified than most!

Goose charts his journey as the author of his own book that is also appropriately titled Limitless: The Renegades Guide To Building Wealth Through Property and he’s also the podcast host of The Investor Lab: The auditory epicenter for passionate people seeking a life of freedom,
choice and abundance – I’m looking forward to joining Goose on The Investor Lab soon.

In part 1 of our chat today, we talk about:

– The importance of asking ‘why?’

– How to overcome addiction and how to focus an addictive personality as a power for good

– Why you need to test the edges

– We touch on his unique Holy Trinity property formula

– But most engagingly, Goose shares his story of hope and inspiration where he has turned his life around from death’s door on the edge of the abyss and has rebounded to a life of growth and fulfilment – the true fruits of a limitless approach to life.

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