todd sloan how to buy property for less

You’re about to learn the top strategies to buy property in Australia, even in uncertain and challenging times.

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Today’s special guest Todd Sloan is an award winning sales agent with Timms Real Estate in Adelaide, South Australia. He’s also host of the popular The Pizza and Property Podcast and author of his newly published book Australia’s Home Buying Guide: How to Buy A Property Faster For Less a very timely how to guide that will equip you with all of the best tips and tricks to secure your next property

On top of the book, if you want to learn more about negotiating the best deal on your property purchase, have a listen to episode 75 of Todd’s podcast: ‘Negotiating Steps to Win the Deal – With Scott Aggett.’ This episode goes through many little tricks and tips that could make a massive difference on your property purchase.

And along with learning a treasure trove full of property buying tips in our discussion today, the underlying take away from Todd’s own life journey to date is his incredible resilience and fearless ability to take on big challenges and obstacles, and see them through, regardless of the difficulty – he has an innate passion, patience and persistence fused with a limitless approach that are the defining qualities of successful people in all spheres.

In this enlightening conversation today, we answer all of your burning property questions, including:

Why buyers need to be careful of advice from their family and friends

How do you choose the right property? 

He covers two different buying methods of narrowing down property options that can help you narrow down the object of your search based on: Wants, needs and wonts and his ‘beautiful, close and cheap’ approach

We cover how you negotiate to win a property, in more detail

We talk about the current selling campaign trend of Best Offer By / Expressions of interest – and how buyers need to best position themselves with this type of selling campaign

Todd dives into how you can notice and avoid a selling agent’s tricks

He gives you a run down on what he has learned and his biggest tips, take aways and learnings from talking to the best and brightest in all things property from his hosting of The Pizza & Property podcast

He breaks down his own property investment strategy and portfolio

This is a great conversation based around his great new book, and Todd has generously offered a free copy of Australia’s Home Buyer’s Guide to the lucky Get Invested listener who emails me at with what Todd and I consider to be the best answer to the question: 

“What is the best negotiating technique you’ve ever heard to buy a property?”

And there’s no doubt that today’s conversation will inspire you to go to the next level in your property investment. So no matter where you’re at, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor that is struggling with your portfolio, I’d like to invite you to join me on our unique KnowHow Property Freedom Flight program, where I’ll personally guide you through my proven process for property investment success. 

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And if you want to hear more from Todd along with all of Australia’s leading property investors and independent professionals, join me and the other 120,000 plus regular listeners every week on country’s most popular and longest running property show Realty Talk, hosted by me, so I look forward to seeing you on where we share short and sharp take home tips and tricks on all things property.

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