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To be a successful investor, you need to be an effective saver. In this episode, Arjun Paliwal shows you how.

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Arjun is a property investor and also an accomplished finance and property expert. He’s the founder of InvestorKit, a leading residential and commercial investment property buyers agency specialising in helping people find and secure rare positive cashflow investments that can put money back in your pocket with an added upside for capital growth. 

He is also co-founder of The Property Nerds, a new company that gives you the right data to grow profitable property portfolios. 

Through these platforms, Arjun shares our aims of helping you grow wealth without any major compromise in your lifestyle.

Arjun is originally from Wellington, before making the move to Australia, and as you’ll hear, joined a big 4 bank to begin his journey in a corporate career. 

His career progressed rapidly, winning a number of accolades including a CEO award from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 

And to support his personal and professional property expertise, Arjun has numerous qualifications including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Australian Institute of Business.

Arjun and I are cut from the same cloth … his mission is to educate and support you to grow passive income through investing in property. He aims to help you get your money, mindset and investments right.

In part 1 of our great discussion today, Arjun shares some gold that includes:

His unique savings rule of 40 50 40 50

The 4 plus 1 rule of property investing

The habits that you need to develop to be a successful investor

How important systems are to your success

Arjun outlines the step by step process and evolving strategy that he undertook to start saving and then invest in property to create a sizeable portfolio, and he guides us through what he bought when, why and how and the learnings he has accumulated along the way.

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This is where you’ll learn how to find hidden growth suburbs and scale towards a $3M+ portfolio!

And in addition to this, Arjun is also offering you early access to his new property data service The Property Nerds so visit to get access to loads of free property data, content and reports – their Market Index Report is a great start that gives you a great snapshot on property market trends and forecasts for every State and Region in the country.

And if you’re ready to find out how property investment can support your growth goals and create the life you were meant to live, or to improve on your current property portfolio so that it is working much better for you, feel free to join me live on our unique KnowHow Property Freedom Flight program, where I’ll personally guide you through my proven process for property investment success. 

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