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The highly acclaimed and respected Dr Shane Oliver is living a life of noble purpose, and he shares how you can too.

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Shane was attracted to join AMP as an economist way back in the early 1980s on the strength of their stated noble purpose – Amicus certus, which is latin for ‘a sure friend in uncertain times’.

And this is exactly what Shane has proved to be over the decades, where he has remained at AMP and risen to the highest ranks as their Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and their Chief Economist.

He embodies this noble purpose and his constant enduring loyalty, humility, patience, persistence and reliability underpin the quality of his independent, objective and transparent insights and forecasts on the global economy and its impacts on all investment asset classes.

I’ve been listening to Shane’s words of wisdom for decades now and they have always proved to be informative, accurate, and mostly on the money.

You will struggle to find an economist and investor who adopts a consistently independent and objective view, so he is always worth listening to and I’m very humbled and honoured to have him on the show.    

Shane is one of Australia’s longest running top economic and investment experts.

He has extensive experience analysing economic and investment cycles and what current positioning means for the return potential for different asset classes such as shares, bonds, property and infrastructure. Shane is a regular media commentator on economic and investment market issues and engages regularly with investors at public events and forums.

Shane is Head of the Investment Strategy and Economics team, responsible for the provision of economic and macro investment analysis which is applied across AMP Capital’s multi-asset funds.

Shane has a PhD in economics which focussed on the validity of the Efficient Market Hypothesis and asset price bubbles.

So if you’re looking to understand whats happening and what is likely to happen in our uncertain world and how this affects your investments, you are going to love this informative discussion where Shane talks about:

How he helps make you a better investor

The wall of worry and its impact

His definition of economics, including positive versus normative economics, and its importance to your decision making

The four types of assets, his view on crypto currencies  and what lies ahead in each asset class across equities and property in our post pandemic world

Why downturns are so hard to predict

The investment wisdom of Don Stammer, Jack Bogel and other investment greats

A great overview of the economic and investment movements over the last 40 years as a context for what is happening now, what is likely to happen, and what you can and need to be doing about it

And if, like me, you enjoy Shane’s insights today, make sure you follow him on Twitter at @shaneoliver, where he regularly updates you with Oliver’s Insights along with his weekly reports.

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