Wade Kingsley investing in ideas

Creative coach and ideas guy Wade Kingsley says “brainstorming is bullshit”. So if it’s no good at stimulating creativity and generating ideas, what do we do?

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Wade explains how in this super creative conversation, helping you bring out your creative potential … something he’s been doing for more than 25 years.

He’s the founder of The Ideas Business – a company that helps you use creativity to solve problems through workshops and facilitation of Ideas Sessions. 

And after high demand for Wade to teach his creative methodology, he recently launched The Creative Champions Course.

Prior to launching The Ideas Business, Wade was General Manager at Vizeum Melbourne, a media agency that’s part of the Dentsu Aegis Network.

He also founded The Studio, the internal Creative Services Team at Southern Cross Austereo.

He’s also the former Ideas Director and Marketing & Promotions Director at Nova Entertainment.

Wade has spoken about creativity at conferences and events in Australia and around the world, including the famous ‘Brainstorming Is Bullshit’ keynote that I refer to and draw on in my introduction.

Wade is on a mission to create more creatives, and he covers the following (and more) in our chat

How do you define creativity and idea generation?

Is creativity and ideation a natural talent or a developed skill?

What separates a creative champion from a non-creative conformer?

What are the core strengths of Creative Champions?

How can everyone become more creative?

How can you learn to ask the best questions? 

How can you keep your creative skills engaged and active?

We discuss the concept of ‘Who luck’

He details why we need to develop a curious, questioning mind

The importance of developing ‘Wise Up’ questions

The benefits of pushing yourself off the creative cliff

Why his motto ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get’ has been fundamental to his success

And he walks us through the fundamentals of good creative ideas, approaches and processes 

And if you want to take your creativity and ideas generation to the next level you can reach out to Wade and work with him and the Ideas Business team, and reignite your creative practice by doing the Creative Champions course – just go to https://www.creativechampionscourse.com/

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