Paul Roos on performance by design

Paul Roos is an AFL legend, regarded as one of the game’s all time great leaders and mentors. 

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He famously led Sydney to their first premiership in 72 years (including the club’s South Melbourne era), which came just three years after the Swans finished bottom of the ladder.

How did the Sydney Swans achieve this? What did Paul, as a newly appointed coach, think and do that separated him from everyone else at the time? How did he do it?

But before Paul was anointed as the Swan’s coach for his first full season in 2002, he was a decorated player and captain with a very impressive record of peak performance over a long period of time.

He played 356 AFL games over 17 seasons kicking 289 goals and collecting an impressive array of accolades along the way, including 5 best and fairest club awards, the league’s most valuable player award, he represented Victoria on 14 occasions in State of Origin, he achieved 7 All Australian selections, he won the 1986 Leigh Matthews Medal and was runner up in the coveted Brownlow Medal the same year, which is the leagues best player for the season. 

Paul had enjoyed a stellar ride as a high performing player and captain, but he was still well and truly a rookie coach when he won the Senior Coach mantel with the Swan’s in 2002.

So, as a relative newcomer to leadership in the intensely pressured AFL environment where you live under a microscope for everyone to see from the 24/7 media exposure, how did he manage to take a long suffering club to the pinnacle of success in just three seasons?

We discuss Paul’s principles for success, covering peak performance, sustainable success, leadership, mindfulness and mental health. Just some of the talking points include:

Roosy’s definition of sustainable success

The criticality of developing systems

The leadership scapegoating epidemic

The need for role modelling

The absence of and the importance of accountability

The importance of personal health to your success in all aspects of your life

The impact of meditation on performance

And much much more. Enjoy this incredible conversation!

Paul’s book recommendation:

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

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