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Top investment analyst and property expert Pete Wargent is back on Get Invested to talk about how to handle Australia’s investment boom.

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Will the boom continue? Are we in a bubble? Will it burst and if so when? Who do you turn to in order to find out?

Certainly not the mainstream media unless you want to continue to scare yourself sick, because their only remaining currency to stall their pending demise and attract and engage your ears and eyeballs is to peddle you a continuous diet of sensationalist fear and greed – a nutritionless fast food diet that will leave you overburdened but undernourished, leaving you burnt out, broken and broke.

So where do you turn? Who can you talk to that has a deep understanding and almost intuitive knowledge of the full spectrum of global and local economics and their relationship and impact on current and future shares and property markets?  Someone who doesn’t have a conflict of interest, a bias or a vested interest but can give you real independent and objective views to help you make better informed investment decisions? 

For my money, the best person to avoid the fear factory fiction and give you the unadulterated facts and meaningful insights is our Get Invested regular, Pete Wargent.

As well as being one of Australia’s brightest financial minds, Pete’s well known to us here on Get Invested as a six-time published finance author and leading investment analyst on the back of his work as an active investor, property buyer’s agent, strategist and mentor, where he uses his tried and tested strategies to assist you in achieving your financial goals across the broad spectrum of property and equities.

Like yours truly, he is on a mission to wake up and shake up hard working Australians to get invested beyond super in order to attain and maintain your ideal lifestyle long term, and to educate you with quality information so that you can make fully informed investment decisions.

His recent book, Low Rates High Returns, written with Stephen Moriarty, gives you a timeless investment strategy to navigate and outperform in the decade ahead.

The broad goal of the book is to have you develop a rigorous systematic approach to investing. Pete is confident that combining a philosophy of investing with both the thought and action principles will enhance your investment success. 

I talk through the key learnings from this book in more detail throughout this episode. 

If you want to find out how to apply his eight timeless principles in practice, grab yourself a copy of Low Rates High Returns and then you can use this together with the insights that Pete shares with us in our great conversation today to de-risk and boost your investment results and grow your wealth. 

So in today’s very informative conversation we move from the macro to the micro across equities and property markets to give you all the information to make better informed decisions, as we discuss:

The major macro economic trends globally and locally

What international macroeconomic issues are likely to have the most impact on Australia moving forward

What ongoing impact, if any, will China’s policy changes have on our economy?

Will the current strength in the economy last? 

What are the biggest economic risks that need to be considered that are likely to impact on investment markets?

What impact if any is the ongoing Covid challenge having?

What are the current drivers of our investment and property market cycles?

Where are the opportunities in property and equities markets?  

We get Pete’s read on asset bubbles and pending busts

We gauge Pete’s thoughts on the impacts, if any, of immigration policy, employment rates, inflation and interest rate policy, and rises in employment, and their impact on investment markets

Pete shares his views on government and central bank approaches to asset prices and potential interventions moving forward

We get his outlook for property in the short, medium and long term

We discuss potential macroprudential policy interventions and interest rates moving forward and its impact on property markets

And with interest rates at all time lows and likely to remain there for most of the next decade, Pete reveals what impact this will have on investment and property strategies

On the property front, he outlines locations where clients are buying and seeing value

He discusses the merits and drawbacks of buying property interstate and becoming a Borderless Investor

He outlines what negotiation strategies can buyers use to secure properties in a hot sellers market

And we conclude with a discussion on why don’t more property buyers using a Buyers Agent

And to help property buyer’s level the playing field, Pete has recently launched a new national buyers agent business ‘Buyers Buyers’ that is harnessing the knowledge of Australia’s leading buyers agents at a price every Aussie home buyer can afford. We chat about how you can take advantage of this today, because in the current sellers market, there has never been a greater need to have a good buyers agent on your side.

Just jump on where you can access a ton of free reports and information to assist you with your property buying journey.

There’s no doubt that today’s conversation will inspire you to go to the next level in your property investment. So no matter where you’re at, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor that is struggling with your portfolio, I’d like to invite you to join me on our unique KnowHow Property Freedom Flight program, where I’ll personally guide you through my proven process for property investment success. 

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And if you want to hear more from Pete along with all of Australia’s leading property investors and independent professionals, join me and the other 120,000 plus regular listeners every week as I anchor host the country’s most popular and longest running property show Realty Talk, so I look forward to seeing you on where we share short and sharp take home tips and tricks on all things property.

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