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Want to open up your investment world by tapping into the United States? While there are risks there are great rewards, says Danielle Ecuyer.

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With the massive change that’s happening in the world comes massive opportunity. And the reality is that most of the big innovative companies that will shape the future are based in the US.

Investing in the US stock market creates diversity in your share portfolio. It offers access to far more themes and opportunities than any other market in the world, dwarfing those available in Australia.

So if you’re looking to increase your knowledge and process in investing in US markets then today’s returning guest Danielle Ecuyer can help you.

Because if you’re looking for more clarity and confidence on how to invest in shares and equities in the US market in all of its myriad forms, Danielle is your perfect compliment.

Danielle has been actively involved in the share market for four decades. Beginning her career as an equities analyst and advisor, she held senior roles in large investment firms in both Australia and the UK.  

And For the past 13 years she’s been a private investor where her main income source is derived from her own investments – so she walks her talk! 

If you want her full history, go back and have a listen to Get Invested episode 132 where we discussed her first book Shareplicity, which distilled her years of global share market experience into a handy guide to share market investing.

Danielle has a happy knack of taking the complexity out of share investing, she explains concepts simply and in plain English, and provides go-to steps to help you start or improve your investing.

And she has recently published her very timely sequel Shareplicity 2 – A guide to investing in US stock markets.

Today’s wide ranging discussion on all things equity investing goes into:

  • Understanding risk tolerance
  • The impact of the financialisation of the world
  • The impacts of inflation, deflation, disinflation and reflation
  • The mega trends that will impact investment markets in the future including decarbonisation, digitalisation, fintech disruption, geo borders, gaming, blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • What it means for companies to weaponise their share prices
  • Where to start in building your equities portfolio
  • ETF’s versus direct stock picking
  • Danielle’s views on the current talk about market bubbles and the dangers of leverage
  • A warning about the risks of cheap trading platforms and the importance of knowing who are the custodians of the money behind them
  • Thoughts on emerging markets

Along with much much more.

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