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When it comes to investment, there’s never been a more important time to get educated and build a solid set of investment principles.

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For me (Bushy), some of these timeless investment principles and lessons learned are:

It’s all about time

Don’t waste your time and money trying to outperform the market

Investments behave randomly in the short term

Avoid the traps and costs of overly actively trading

Don’t chase returns

Diversify across uncorrelated assets

Be very wary of investment market forecasts and projections

And the best way to inculcate these and other investment lessons is to continuously improve your investment education.

This is a fundamental belief of our guest Andrew Baxter.

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Australian Investment Education. His career started at the hub of global investment markets, the City Of London. There, he worked for some of the largest institutions building up a broad based expertise in trading and investing across global markets. Since his move to Australia in 1999, he has been on a mission to educate and empower everyday investors on how to build better returns, manage risk and ultimately enjoy a richer life. 

He has been invited to speak around the world alongside some of the biggest names in the personal development and wealth space. In Andrew’s own words, his flagship, Australian Investment Education, brings together the complexities of financial markets and distills them down into simple, bite sized chunks that just about anyone can follow. 

In addition to training and education, Andrew Baxter is the owner and director of a number of companies ranging across areas such as Advisory, Financial Technology, Brokerage, Financial Planning and Accounting.

You can find out more Andrew and Australian Investment Education on his Money and Investing podcast or at

Like all things investment, you’ll need to do your own detailed due diligence before deciding to proceed with Australian Investment Education.

And I also stress that Australian Investment Education’s ‘cash flow on demand’ options trading strategy is not for the beginner or the uninitiated – there are inherent, unseen risks in options trading if you don’t know what you are doing, so ensure that you fully educate yourself and historically backtest your trading system in detail before you put your hard cash on the dash – again it’s all about investing in your education first before investing in assets.  

Now in our lively and entertaining chat today, Andrew talks about:

Away and towards values

The danger of assuming your work success translates into investing success 

His cash flow on demand options income strategy

The importance of intention, motivation and self reflection on your investing success

The need to really know yourself and where you want to get to

The importance of developing your process in line with your skills evolution

Indices versus stock picking – Exchange Traded Funds – passive investment, diversification 

His view on the risks of the unregulated maverick crypto market and the future potential of blockchain technology 

And much much more!

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