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As we continue to look forward to the year ahead in property investing, we turn our attention to Australia’s capital cities.

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We pull out expert interviews from Realty Talk, Australia’s top online property show that I have the privilege of anchoring, with leaders Effie Zahos and Terry Ryder joining me for a second episode.

Effie is is one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators with more than two decades of experience in consumer finance topics including banking, finance and property. She has a knack for making money matters simple. Effie is best known for her role as the editor of Money magazine, having helped establish it back in 1999. She is now Editor-at-Large at, Australia’s biggest comparison website.

Terry Ryder is a leading property analyst, founder of Hotspotting and a Get Invested regular. Together they have combined to co-author Canstar’s recent Rising Stars Report that you can read in full on Canstar’s website at

With property across Australia enjoying the highest level of growth for over 30 years in 2021, the question on everyone’s lips is whether property prices are going to continue to grow, and if so, where? So let’s get the low down on capital cities from Effie Zahos and Terry Ryder.

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