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My Millennial Money host, author and retired financial adviser Glen James reveals ‘no BS’ insights for getting your finances back on track.

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Do you have your money sorted out? Are you invested? I don’t mean this roughly or vaguely, I’m talking about having a spending plan, dealing with consumer debt, key insurances in place, estate planning set up and a rainy day fund in case of emergencies. 

If this is a wake up call, you’re like most Aussies … and you’ve got some work to do!

If you don’t have your sound financial house built on strong unshakeable foundations, there’s no point in putting the cart before the horse and investing in property or shares or crypto, because like two out of the three little pigs who built their houses out of straw and sticks, your financial house will blow over and crumble before your very eyes as soon as the winds of adversity blow and the wolf huffs and puffs.

So, if like most, your financial house isn’t in order, and your gold encrusted investments are resting on a fragile house of cards, where do you turn, to build and/or rebuild your financial foundations?

This is where our very special guest Glen James comes to your rescue.

Now for most of you who love money and investment podcasts, Glen needs no introduction. 

At the ripe old age of just thirty something, Glen James is a retired financial adviser with experience helping countless people get on top of their finances and is host of the top-rating my millennial money podcast along with a family of other related millennial podcasts, that don’t just talk to millennials but anyone who is keen to get on top of their money and investments. 

With his own personal financial success behind him, Glen shares my passion to help you, your friends, family and others to achieve financial freedom. 

As you’ll hear, his informative approach is light-hearted, dry, tinged with a touch of sarcasm and fun, while still managing to cover sensitive and important topics in an engaging way. 

Glen is the author of Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested – far from a dry, boring finance book, it’s a cracking, entertaining and super practical guide that outlines everything you need to do to secure your financial future.

And to really whet your appetite for this book, Glen talks today about many of his approaches including:

Setting up your spending plan as opposed to budgets that suck

The problems with what he calls ‘budget baggage’

Creating a sound financial house

His simple 3 step financial plan

The importance of automated systems for anything and everything
alongside the criticality of habits and behaviours

And we enjoy a fun chat about what he calls LOOT – or Living On Own Terms, which is his version of FIRE or the Financial Independence Retire Early movement plus a bunch more.

Enjoy the chat and go ahead and grab his book now.

‘Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested’ book:

If you enjoyed our conversation today and you want to learn more from Glen, you can grab a copy of his book ‘Sort Your Money Out and Get Invested’ on Amazon and all good book stores, or you can get it directly from Glen on his website www.sortyourmoneyout.com.

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