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Want to live long and well, but feel like you’re not fulfilling your health and ageing potential? Psychologist, exercise scientist and educator Dr Gordon Spence explains how to get on the right path. 

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If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re more than likely to be committed to personal growth and desire a long and prosperous life. 

But when it comes to health and ageing well, many of us feel stuck. No matter how successful you are financially, it doesn’t mean much if your body is failing you and you lose years off your life. 

So how do you set yourself up for quality of life as you age, and get over the barriers you’re facing today?

That’s where our guest, Dr Gordon Spence, comes in. He’s the author of ‘Get Moving. Keep Moving.’ He is a highly sought-after speaker, coach and educator who helps you to live well and perform well long term. A psychologist and exercise scientist, Gordon’s areas of expertise include sustainable performance and healthy ageing, with a particular interest in helping you to return to exercise in mid-life.

 Enjoy this powerful discussion and invest in yourself!

Turn your life around with a copy of ‘Get Moving, Keep Moving’

If you’re serious about maintaining the quality of your life and enjoying sustainable active living you need to start today, so grab yourself a copy of Dr Gordon Spence’s great book ‘Get Moving, Keep Moving’ at https://healthyageingproject.com/book – your future self with thank you for it!

Dr Gordon Spence’s book recommendation:

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Connect with Dr Gordon Spence:

Email: info@drgordonspence.com

Website: www.healthyageingproject.com

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