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If you’ve faced tough financial circumstances or been forced to start again, it’s not too late to build wealth, and Mish Daniel has the life story to prove it.

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Who you are and where you are today is not set in stone. You can change your beliefs, thinking, behaviours, actions, situations and circumstances by emulating the examples of those that have gone before you, and over time, through constant repetition, turn them into happy habits that will transform your life.

And if you’re looking for an inspiring and motivating story of resilience and spirit, then you’re in for a real treat with our guest Mish Daniel.

It takes a special kind of grit to build a business and property empire in another country, and then be forced to walk away from it all and start again. And this is what Mish has done.

As you’re about to hear, her story is extraordinary. Mish walked away from her clothing manufacturing business, including three factories and 400 staff, along with her 29 property assets in South Africa.

After moving to Australia just over 10 years ago, Mish has managed to replace her income by investing in commercial property, and then founded Revolve Commercial buyers agency to help you to do the same.


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