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It may surprise you that retiring younger and richer doesn’t mean owning countless properties, says Daniel Walsh.

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It is always about the quality and value of the assets, never the volume. 

So don’t get sucked into the trap of social media and headlines that make you feel like you need to own 30 properties by the time you’re 30, or 10 properties in 10 years, or similar.

For many hard working Aussies, three to five high growth cleverly structured properties held for 15 to 20 years is enough to replace your income and fund your lifestyle.

This is the essence of the wealth by stealth approach that I talk about in my book The Freedom Formula, so if you’d like to put some shape around your Freedom Numbers to help you define and achieve your own lifestyle goals, feel free to book in with me for a Personal Solutions Session.

The power to create, grow and retain wealth is yours now – and today our returning guest Daniel Walsh is going to help you understand more about the key principles that can help you achieve your version of financial success that he’s going to unpack from his new book 6 Principles To Retire Younger & Richer.

His principles that we’re about to deep dive on can assist you formulate your personal money blueprint, and by understanding and implementing each one of them, you can instigate the nec­essary financial and mindset changes to start or further optimise your wealth creation journey.

As you heard in our previous episode, Daniel has successfully transitioned from being a tradie at the age of 19 earning the princely sum of $34,000 a year to becoming a train driver, while investing and leveraging exponentially to build the money momentum required to create an impressive property portfolio that is now worth over $20 million while still aged in his 30s.

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