bushy martin asset bubble part 1

After a period of radical uncertainty and rapid change, things appear to be going well, on the back of huge government spending, surging markets and increasing confidence.

But are you still feeling anxious and uncertain about what’s happening in the world and where we’re heading?

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Are you hearing so many contrasting and conflicting opinions that you’re totally confused and just not sure what you should and shouldn’t be doing?

Does fear tend to dominate your underlying thoughts and emotions? Fear of missing out on the rapidly expanding boom times that we’re currently experiencing mixed with fears that it may all coming crashing down around our ears overnight, due to another unexpected global shock?

Are you experiencing an insidious undertone of fear that’s quietly colouring your outlook and your actions?

Particularly in a world that just doesn’t seem to make any sense, a world that seems to have gone crazy because what is actually happening seems to be the opposite of, or at odds with, what we expect to be happening – a world that seems to have separated from reality, where what is going on seems to defy all logic and reason.

If this is how you’re feeling, then join the club – you’re in good company.

So today I thought I’d try and help you make some sense out of the madness so that you can alleviate some of your anxiety by starting to get a better understanding of what is going on, why it is going on, and grasp an understanding of what it all means and what can you do about it, now and in the future, to both protect your position and take advantage of the inevitable opportunities
that always accompany periods of great change and uncertainty.  

Listen to part 1 of this analysis of the emerging asset bubble.

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Jump to part 2 when you’re ready.

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