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As social animals in our globally connected world, our very survival will revolve around the strength of our cultures.

Does your family, your workplace and your community all operate in what Simon Sinek calls a circle of safety based on open honesty and trust? If not, how can you help create a circle of safety culture? 

This is where our guest Michelle Holland comes in.  

Michelle is a self professed culture warrior and a recognised thought leader in the organisational culture space. 

She’s an international best-selling author, speaker, executive coach, consultant and entrepreneur, and the Founder and Creative Director of SynergyIQ. 

Her most recent book, Culture Inc., applies her decades of experience and research in culture, leadership and employee engagement to empower you to create workplace cultures that deliver the results you desire, with your ideal employees and customers lining up at the door – it’s a great read.

And Michelle’s SynergyIQ team are amazing consulting and change professionals who specialise in leadership development, culture, change management, and business transformation.

As a qualified change, culture and business excellence authority, we enjoy an in-depth chat today that will give you a practical playbook to build cultural resilience – and she answers all of your crisis and culture questions including:

  • How can you grow through discomfort and vulnerability?
  • How do you lead and manage in challenging and changing times?
  • What’s the difference between empathy and compassion
    and why are they both important?
  • How do you make good decisions in dynamic circumstances?
  • What is culture and Why is it is critical to survival at the individual and group level?
  • What defines an effective culture and How can you build a robust resilient culture that will allow you to survive and thrive through any circumstance?

So If you’re looking for someone to expertly guide you through uncertainty, challenge, vulnerability and risk, then you’ll enjoy this high energy chat with Michelle Holland.

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