jason mcintosh podcast ep 2

Anything you decide to invest in, and the way you invest in it, needs to satisfy this criteria: it must be simple and easy, time-effective, low-cost and high-growth – meaning you just need to pick investment vehicles that tick these boxes and the job’s done!

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In this regard, Jason McIntosh’s Motion Trader service is a perfect fit as the medium term nature of his investment trading system lets winning trades run for one to two years on average. This is a low touch, high traction approach.

The beauty of Jason’s Motion Trader approach is that his algorithms do all of the homework and research for you, and because the work is technically based, the trading rules remove our subjective emotional judgement and reactivity – which, as you’ve heard, is the cause of most investment underperformance.

But of course there’s much more to investing than just buying and selling stocks. The technical trading algorithms need to be aligned with your mental algorithm behaviour rules and your evolved AI, ancient intelligence automated survival responses. We cover off on many of these today, including:

  1. When you make money in shares
  2. What rules you need to consider to invest successfully
  3. Why a medium term investment system may suit you better
  4. How you can determine your share trade size to ensure you remain in the game
  5. And why having a sell strategy is very important

And If you’re interested in learning more about Jason’s ‘Five Secrets of the World’s Best Traders’
Motion Trader has kindly given you free access to an exclusive report, so if you’d like an electronic copy, just email me at bushy@khgroup.com.au and we’ll get it to you.

And if you’re interested in Motion Trader assisting you to invest in the Australian Stock Market more successfully after listening to more of Jason’s informative conversation, jump on www.motiontrader.com.au/learn-to-trade-shares for his free online event on how to build a profitable share portfolio now … and mention my name BUSHY when you register and Jason will look after you.

In the meantime, enjoy the second half of my great conversation with Jason McIntosh.

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