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On Get Invested, we kick off our summer series reflecting on the year that was in Australian property.

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In the spirit of getting invested, over then next few of episodes we’ll be checking in with expert views from a number of angles to assist you in understanding what has happened and what is likely to happen, so you can decide what if anything you want to do about it, and make better informed adaptive decisions.

To kick things off this week with our reflective Summer Series, and given the rare window of opportunity that has emerged in property, we’ll replay a recent episode of the Real Estate Talk Show that you can also see in full technicolor video format here:

As part of my new regular anchor hosting role on Australia’s most popular property show Real Estate Talk, this week we start at the macro data level and then drill down to the micro hands-on practitioner level to review property performance across the country at a number of levels.

My interviews start with more positive news on the upward trajectory of property across the nation based on Core Logic’s latest home value index with Head of Research, Eliza Owen.

We then follow with a drill down to the coal face of what’s actually happening on the ground with leading Buyers Agent Paul Glossop of Pure Property Investment, including his expert thoughts on what is likely to happen with high end property values in Sydney over the next 12 months.

I then share my thoughts on why you should never guarantee your kids if you’re helping them to secure their first home.

And we conclude on what landlords and tenants need to be doing to optimise their opportunities, with Property Management thought leader Amy Sanderson of Your Porter Connections. 

I don’t care whether you invest in financial instruments like shares or property, but you need to be investing now before you miss the boat – you’re really going to kick yourself in a couple of years if you don’t take advantage of the rare opportunity that sits right in front of us now. 

And I say this as a very conservative investor myself and I don’t get excited like this very often – so feel free to reach out to us at or email me at if you want to explore more without any obligation. 

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