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In this conversation, Bushy Martin reveals key insights on the major Australian property questions of 2021.

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Just some of the key questions are:

  • What is likely to happen in the world of property?
  • What are the key metrics you need to consider before you buy property?
  • And is this the right time to buy property?

To do this, we’re publishing a recent conversation I enjoyed as a guest on the popular Nucleus Investments insight podcast.

It was a terrific conversation covering a broad spectrum of areas of property market conditions including the under supply of quality properties, falling mortgage rate impacts and the flow on from the anticipated upcoming changes to responsible lending laws. 

We talk about areas of Australian property that have been helped and hindered by the pandemic and we chat around the key metrics you need to use when sizing up the potential of an investment property.

We also discuss:

  • Some common property pitfalls that investors make, especially in relation to SMSFs 
  • We delve into the importance of land in property investing
  • We touch on the question of what impact, if any, international border control and migrant population has on property
  • The criticality of professional independence and what checks and balances are required in assembling your elite investment team, and
  • We finish on potential short to medium term property market conditions
    along with an interesting chat on the Longer term outlook for property

The Nucleus Investments insight podcast is produced by the team at Nucleus Wealth, which was formed to bridge the gap in financial market investment solutions for everyday people looking for the middle ground between cookie-cutter robo-advice and high-cost financial planning – Check them out at www.nucleuswealth.com.

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