angie and shane saunders

Angie and Shane Saunders are world leaders in the scientific art of transformative breathing techniques and will teach you how to use them to start enjoying success in all areas of your life.

Angie and Shane are co-owners of the life-changing business Breathe Me, authors of award-winning book, Three Lessons on How to Lower Stress Naturally and co-hosts of The Breathing Edge Podcast. You can check them out here

You see, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on life and business education all with the aim of creating a life worth living, along with studying with leading breath experts such as Wim Hof, Dr. Belisa Vranich and Dan Brulé, they’ve adopted and refined daily breathing techniques to allow them to master their own personal energy.

They credit daily breathing techniques for helping them build up a health and wellness business that yielded a six-figure income within the first year.

From there they moved onto residential real estate investing, commercial real estate projects, business investments, mindset consulting and writing their award-winning book.  

They’ve since set their business life up to give them the freedom to work from home and be present for their children. 

And while they don’t have to create a business around teaching others to use advanced breathing techniques, it’s something they feel compelled to do.

Now that they are enjoying the fruits of their success their lives are now dedicated to helping others achieve peak performance.

Because what they’ve discovered is nothing short of a phenomenon.

They’ve realised it’s possible to unleash energy trapped by tension and it all comes down to one thing – BREATHING. 

It’s simply a matter of having the head, heart and the gut working together in harmony. And breathing is the tool that makes all of this happen.

The Saunders’ breathing techniques will help you in everyday life to:

– Release tension

– Energise your body

– Activate the unused ‘brains’ in the heart and the gut

And give you an energised body that is both powerful and intelligent.

This episode is jam packed full of gold across the full spectrum of self-development, health development and wealth development – great wisdom combined with immediately actionable takeaways.

And listen out for how they both openly and audibly breath throughout the show – they repeatedly demonstrate how they use their breathing to power their insights. 

So take a deep breath and enjoy this energising and oxygenating ride with Shane and Angie Saunders.

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