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Now this time of the year is a great time for reflection and a chance to recharge your batteries, so I’m going to challenge you to make the time to read and listen to podcasts as a way of filling your tank with inspiration and motivation.

Just trade some time that you spend watching or listening to the news or scrolling through social media and replace it with some good book or podcast listening time – you will be amazed at how you start thinking and seeing things differently.

As a constant reader I have a library of books, both in hard copy and on my kindle reader that goes everywhere with me.

Because to me, to stop learning is to die on the inside. I’ve always got at least three to four books on the go at the same time, so I read to suit my mood. I generally start the day with self-development books and podcasts when I’m at the gym. I listen to something inspirational and motivational when I am in the shower, and I finish the day with fiction books so I can relax into sleep. And yes, I love to read in the ultimate man cave, which is code for the toilet.

So to get you started and whet your appetite, in this episode is a quick list of my favourite books and podcasts.

I’ve broken them into sections around the three cornerstones of success – being self, health and wealth – along with some specific property books and podcasts.

Hopefully this episode has given you some good reading and listening material to get your grey matter working. But I’d also love to hear your favourite books and podcasts, so email me on if you have others that would be worth sharing.

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