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I want to wake you up to help you to see differently – so you can see in the same unique way that all of the 5% who achieve sustainable success see the world.

Today we’re going to break with Get Invested tradition to bring you the audio of the keynote presentation I delivered at the Wake Up conference in Adelaide in 2019.

This is the first time I revealed the unique way of seeing things that all successful people adopt, whether they are consciously aware of it or not – a special way of seeing that I’ve distilled from my continuous study of success over the last 35 years – a way of seeing differently that has formed the basis of our living by design way of life and our freedom formula.

So if you’re feeling stuck, drowning in despair and trapped on the treadmill and you cant see a way out – if  you’re wondering how you need to see differently to start enjoying better results in any area of your life, this episode will wake you up and give you the GPS that you’ve been looking for.

A challenge for you:

Somewhere during this keynote recording, I mention a critical question that you need to ask yourself every single day – asking and answering this one question will keep you seeing successfully and will change your life.

 And to keep you accountable to yourself, I want you to jump on Facebook, take a selfie, tag us @knowhowtomakeithappen, and post your first answer to that life changing question.

Or if you’re feeling a bit shy, you can email me at bushy@khgroup.com.au with the question in the Subject Header and your answer in the email.

For everyone that posts or emails me, we’ll donate a day of lifegiving water to families in need in Ethiopia who have no voice and have no choice, as part of our Give 1M Days: KNOW HOW to Save a Dollar to Save a Life campaign.

I would love your feedback on this keynote! So please share it on social media and get in touch to let me know your thoughts.

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