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In our complex and fast moving world where we’re drowned in information overload, the winners will be those that can make clear, fast and accurate decisions on-demand.

And today’s very special guest shows us how feeding and nurturing our intuition will help us achieve this, and that living a life in which we can make use of its wisdom is the key way to thrive, at work and in life.

Craigh Wilson is Australia’s world leading intuitive, bestselling author, healer, mentor and global speaker.

He has worked with incredible individuals and helped amazing small business owners, entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies around the world to make clear, fast and accurate decisions on-demand.

Craigh works with you to transform your life where it matters most: your health, emotions, intimate relationships, families and careers. He helps you take responsibility for your life, your purpose, career, business and direction.

And he’s written a best-selling book appropriately titled Intuitive that brings a revolutionary perspective to life, health and business. It provides entirely new insights and actions into what it really takes to maximise and leverage your intuition to achieve and sustain success in today’s increasingly demanding world.

And Craigh has very generously offered a personally signed copy of Intuitive to one of you. Now this is a very high value, life-changing book, so to make it interesting, we will gift this special copy to the listener who emails me at to confirm how many words, how many chapters and how many sections are in Intuitive (as Craigh mentions it during this episode) along with your example of where you have used your intuition to make a good decision and then we’ll choose the best.

So listen to this very special, thought provoking and potentially life-changing episode of Get Invested through to the end to glean the answers, send me an email and join me in enjoying this inspiring conversation with the enigmatic Craigh Wilson.

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