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Jason McIntosh is the creator of Motion Trader — an online advisory service for retail investors and SMSFs.

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Jason’s career began in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust where he got to work with some of the best investment traders in the world.

He gave up the hustle and bustle of the CBD in 2007. Nowadays he manages his family’s investments from his home in Sydney because at the end of the day investment should be all about lifestyle.

And what Jason enjoys most is teaching every day hard working Aussies to invest like the pros. He loves helping struggling investors to become successful. And if you’re ready, he’d love to help you too.

In technical terms, Jason is a share market algorithm investor. He’s developed a proven, profitable and robust share investing system that has personally returned his investment portfolio over 10-12% per annum, as you’ll hear during our discussion.

Jason’s Motion Trader is a medium term trend following strategy. The aim is to use proven algorithms to identify stocks which meet the entry criteria. It’s then a case of letting profitable investments run, and cutting losing ones relatively early. Winning trades often last for around a year (some last several years), whereas losing trades typically last a few months (but some exit within days).

And the good news is that he now helps you remove yourself and your self-sabotaging ways from your investing through his service, incorporating all of the good habit forming system principles we cover about today.

Jason doesn’t talk about success rates, he talks about the probability and profitability of your trading system – systems where you can have more losers than winners and still end up making money. How? Because your many losses are small compared to the much bigger size of your few wins. It’s how I had 60% losing trades but was still profitable.

It all relies on a good investing system with a proven set of predetermined rules for entering and exiting share purchases that follows trend patterns.

And the beauty of Jason’s Motion Trader approach is that his algorithms do all of the homework and research for you, and because the work is technically based, the trading rules remove our subjective emotional judgement and reactivity – which is the cause of most investment underperformance.

I’ve always said that investment is all about the numbers and I don’t even need to see the property or know anything about the company I’m buying shares in, in fact I prefer not to because I then start getting emotionally attached – which can result in poor judgement and bad decisions.

And in line with this thinking, Motion Trader’s algorithm analysis along with his email potential trade notification service means you don’t need to do the homework, you just need to follow his signals.

Jason says that people often say that successful trading is all about secrets. They believe the best traders have special knowledge that regular people can’t access. But do you know what? In his opinion, there are no ‘secrets’. The strategies the best traders use are nothing new. They’re mostly variations of the same winning tactics that have been in use for decades, if not centuries. Many traders make the mistake of focusing on one thing: when to buy. And yes, entries are important. But they’re just one cog in the machine.

The difference between success and failure are the rest of the cogs, although many people lose money long before figuring this out.

So how do some of the best traders make millions? In Jason’s opinion, it essentially comes down to five rules:

  1. Trade with the trend
  2. Have many relatively small trades
  3. Get good at quitting
  4. Be slow to take profits
  5. Give winners room to move

If you’re interested in learning more about the details of these secrets, Jason and Motion Trader have kindly given you free access to his exclusive report ‘Five Secrets of the World’s Best Traders’ so if you’d like an electronic copy, just email me at bushy@khgroup.com.au and we’ll get it to you.

And if you’re interested in Motion Trader assisting you to invest in the Australian Stock Market more successfully after listening to Jason’s engaging conversation, go here https://www.motiontrader.com.au/learn-to-trade-shares for his free online event on how to build a profitable share portfolio now and mention my name BUSHY when you register and Jason will look after you.

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