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Imagine what you could do if you created an extra 30 hours a month of free ‘me time’ – that’s nearly four days a month or nearly 48 days a year. Because this is exactly what Kate Christie can do for you.

Kate is a time investment expert, international speaker and best selling author of four books so far. She works with big and small business, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, educators, and government agencies – on individual, team and organisational productivity.  

She’s a self-professed time styler and she specialises in helping you to find more time.

Kate has stepped thousands of people through her SMART time framework and 4 lens approach that we discuss in detail today. She is the time management expert for Kochie’s Business Builders, which is Australia’s leading small business TV program, has enjoyed multiple high profile media appearances and is a leading commentator on smart time management. 

In our energising and engaging chat today, you’ll gain real practical and tactical advice that you can implement for immediate time gains. In her down to earth way, Kate educates us on better ways to choose how to live, work and play – on maximising our time so we can all live the life we love.

But before we dive into the conversation, I’m going to challenge you with a simple daily exercise that will help you create this free me time and put it to great use, because there’s no point freeing up your time if you’re just going to work longer or worse still, waste it mindlessly finger flicking on social media or binging on Netflix.

They say you need to do something 64 times before you create a new habit so I challenge you to do this every day for the next 13 weeks.

Every morning when you wake up, hit the snooze button and do this quick easy mental exercise. With your eyes closed, think about a time when you felt really good, a time when there was no time pressure, it may have been a long holiday, and really re-live those feelings, really re-connect with how good it feels to have time on your hands and feel it in every fibre of your body with a beaming smile on your face – then start giving thanks for everything that’s good in your life (eg thanks for my life, thanks for my wife, thanks for my son and daughter, thanks for all of the great times, thanks for all of the time I have – give thanks for anything no matter how big or small to really heighten that feeling of peace, tranquillity and contentment, and then mentally repeat this mantra – Time Free Me, Time Free Me, Time Free Me, as you imagine and really feel what it’s like to have lots of time on your hands.

Now I know that many of you are now thinking, ‘come on Bushy, this is a bit weird and woo, woo, but stay with me here – what have you got to lose? Just spend your first five waking minutes in between the snooze button visualising and feeling how good it is to have lots of free time for the next 13 weeks and see what happens – feel free to email me on bushy@khgroup.com.au in two months time to let me know how you go. From personal experience I know that you’re going to be shocked with the results because what you think about is what you bring about, but only if you stick at it consistently.

And now to start investing your time to get your time back, enjoy this entertaining chat with Kate Christie.

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