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Sustainable success lies at the intersection of your self, your health and then your wealth. And if you don’t master yourself then you can forget about the other two ‘ealths’.

This is where today’s guest comes in.

Lisa Bondarenko is an acclaimed counsellor, author, speaker and just an awesome human!

Early on, she spent many years enjoying a successful corporate career in Human Resources, Marketing & Event Management.

But like all of us, there was a moment in life that forced Lisa to take a step outside of safety and to jump into something new. So as a mature age student she walked away from her successful career to immerse herself at university for four years in all things “social science and counselling”.

There she was able to solidify her lifetime love of human wiring and behaviour, with knowledge and understanding that has equipped her with a stronger and deeper framework. A framework that helps her to work with individuals, groups and organisations in health and wellbeing from a holistic mental, emotional and physical perspective. 

Lisa now drives her successful business Eshé Counselling where she specialises in infertility, grief and loss, self-esteem and marriage and relationship counselling.

In early 2014, she launched Adelaide’s first ever health retreat, Mind Heart Body – working with some of Adelaide’s leading experts in health and wellbeing.

Lisa helps you to live consciously and proactively, as well as develop increased self-awareness, insight and skills to not only survive but thrive in today’s challenging world.

She has also written a fantastic book called ‘Silent Tears’ – her personal account of the highs, lows and everything in between that is experienced by a growing number of families facing IVF and fertility crises.  It’s a story that has you laughing and crying at the same time.

It’s a real life road map for surviving, overcoming and finding hope amidst pain and despair.

Lisa is a proud wife, mumma bear, blogger, author, public speaker, budding musician with an awesome singing voice, a lover of fresh flowers and a talented power shopper!

Lisa always tells it how it is with humble and side-splitting humour, so if you are looking for that catalyst for your courage then you’re really going to enjoy this great conversation with Lisa ‘Bondy’ Bondarenko.  

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