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We invest in our wealth, we invest in our self, but what about our health?

And even if you want to prioritise health, where do you start? The list of fad, quick fix diets is seemingly endless. Our guest this episode, dietician Nicole Moore, cuts through the confusion to give you clarity.

Nicole is the founder and managing director of the national nutrition and dietician company Menuconcepts connecting you to 15 accredited dietitians across the country.

She has developed a low GI, lifestyle, weight loss program designed for people who have spent years following diets and trying to lose weight and get healthy without success. Her team helps anyone trying to lose weight, or for people who may suffer with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or suffer with metabolic syndrome which covers all of the symptoms of difficulty with weight loss, headaches, itchy skin, dizziness, tiredness, bloating, sugar cravings, irritability, difficulties sleeping, night hunger and so on.

Her team runs successful group lifestyle management programs regarding healthy eating, health and weight management.

(And in fact, once you get excited about eating healthy after listening to our great chat today, there’s still a limited number of places left for her next exclusive 1 day workshop at Serafino Winery in McLaren Vale on Saturday 3rd August (2019), so jump on to grab your spot to start your journey to healthy eating.)

During this great chat, all of your big questions are covered:

  • How do I say no to the wrong foods? How do I avoid temptation when I’m out and about?
  • How do I break my bad eating habits when I don’t have time to think about it?
  • How do I get started and as importantly keep eating right?

If you eat right it will transform your life.

If you start by looking after yourself this leads to health, which allows you to create wealth.

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