saxon and sinclair fischer-gray

Saxon and Sinclair Fisher-Gray are living proof of the game-changing physical, mental and emotional benefits of fasting.

So what is fasting? How can you benefit from it? You are about to find out.

Saxon and Sinclair have turned it into a science and used themselves as living guinea pigs – and as you will hear from them, the results are astounding and life-changing.

I’ve personally benefited from fasting since the beginning of the year. By limiting my eating to eight hours a day and fasting for the other 16 hours, I’ve not only dropped 10kg (which has been impossible for me to achieve previously due to my Hashimoto’s thyroid condition) but the mental fog has gone, I enjoy much better focus, clarity and creativity and some nagging body aches and pains have disappeared.

All this by essentially skipping breakfast and starting eating at midday.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the ground-breaking work that Saxon and Sinclair are doing in this fasting space around self-healing – and you’ll be amazed at what it has and can achieve.

Fasting, which is essentially abstinence from eating for longer than normal periods of time, is not a new concept but it has definitely become a forgotten concept in our abundant day and age – in nature, a lot of animals instinctively know to heal themselves by stopping eating. In simple terms, fasting is equivalent to resting.

And fasting has actually been a practice that underpinned many ancient civilisations in both the east and the west from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective.

Not only does it allow our bodies the time, space and energy to cleanse and heal naturally, as we are designed to do, but it’s an easy way to start developing self-discipline – one of the core qualities of all successful people.

Saxon and Sinclair are personal trainers and passionate health advocates.

They’ve both worked in the health and fitness industry for well over 10 years with Sinclair being actor Orlando Bloom’s personal health coach for 7 years.

During their journey they’ve become incredibly passionate about the body’s ability to heal itself.

They are avid fasters and have recently completed a 40 day fast, 20 days on water and 20 days on juice. They’re currently working on a feature length documentary which showcases their journey and also the stories of many who have come before them, and self-healed. Some from life-long or terminal afflictions.

And they need our help to crowd fund the film’s release so they can spread their life changing message – visit here to make a contribution.

Based on their own journey from debilitating pain to vibrant health, their mission is to educate, inspire and empower you and many others to reclaim your health.

And if you enjoy our conversation as much as I have and would like to learn more about how to fast and unlock the healer within, I welcome you to join Saxon, Sinclair and myself at the upcoming Wake Up Adelaide conference in Adelaide on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of November at the Adelaide Convention Centre. There’s only a few tickets left so jump on now.

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