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What’s your relationship with money? Is money your friend or your foe?

How much do you focus on spending versus saving? On your income versus your investments? On your work versus your wealth? How proactive are you in managing your money?

My old man Bushy Senior always used to say that it isn’t what you earn its what you spend that counts.

So how sticky are you with money? How quickly does it slip through your fingers?

How difficult do you find it to save money and set it aside when you are inundated with one cost after another with expenses always increasing?

What if there was a way to automate your money management that creates a saving system by remote control without you having to do anything or worry about it once it’s set up? Would this make your life easier and reduce your stress and worry about the future?

Would you be interested in learning more?

If so, you are in luck as today we’re re-releasing my interview with Josh Blakeley on his popular Master Your Money Show where I outline the kick ASS Money Management system that I detail in my book The Freedom Formula, as a foundational starting point to anyone who is looking to build wealth by stealth.

In our engaging discussion, I also share my views on:

  • Where you should start
  • The importance of the right money mindset and what your money mindset needs to looks like if you are going to achieve sustainable success
  • Becoming passive aggressive and what this means
  • The criticality of having a rainy day war chest
  • How you can grow your parallel savings shadow 
  • How I earned my first dollar and where this led to

I’m also interested to hear your best saving techniques, so email me at bushy@khgroup.com.au and the best and most innovative approach will win a copy of my book Get Invested.

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