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Property management is essential for success as a property investor, yet it is much harder than most expect. Bushy Martin shares his key insights, traps to watch out for and top tips.

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If you’re a long term property investor who is focused on securing high capital growth properties that are cash flow positive, where will most of the time, energy and cost be spent on holding and maintaining your property? 

If you spend between 3 and 12 months securing your investment property and then rent it out, maintain it and hold it for 15 years plus to enjoy maximum capital growth, what key skill is required for the majority of the time to ensure you last the distance?

What property expertise is most needed but least considered and appreciated?

Now, the answer to all of these three questions is the same: property management. 

In this episode, I share my property management insights from 30 years in property, in the lead up to my interview with property management guru Deniz Yusuf.

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