goose mcgrath interview part 2

In Part 1, Goose McGrath introduced the limitless life and shared what it can look like for you. Now he explains how to to live limitless.

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Goose McGrath joined me in our previous episode as we opened your ears and your minds eye to the opportunities of becoming limitless by transforming your mindset, motivation and methods.

And we heard how Goose turned his life around by shifting his limitless approach from endless hours propped up by substance abuse to endless opportunity supported by property.

This week I want to drill down to how you can actually create a limitless life and Goose and I show you how investing in property is a great vehicle to help you make this happen.

Goose and his team at Dash Dot have now taken this to another level, creating the elusive Holy Trinity of property – investment properties that give you capital growth, positive cash flow and value added potential.

Now as you’ll hear, this sounds more like the holy grail than the holy trinity, because this is the ultimate and thought of as elusive and impossible to achieve.

But here’s the rub … Goose, Gabi and Dash Dot’s Buyer’s Agents team have been achieving this golden triumvirate of growth, cash flow AND value added potential consistently for their clients for years now, and Goose has very generously pulled the curtain back for me personally to learn his secrets and see in detail how this is being achieved.

And the results are very impressive – one of the early properties they helped secure for one of their clients in Queensland ticks all the Holy Trinity boxes of above average capital growth, positive cash flow and value add – Goose and the Dashdot team helped their clients Evdon & May to secure property for $469k that grew 78.5% in value in the first 18 months, is cash flow positive by putting $90/wk in their pockets every week after all expenses are taken into account with a rental yield of 6.42%. It also has the value add of dual occupancy and a strata title subdivision. And this is not an isolated case.

And the magic of the Holy Trinity approach is just one of many innovative approaches that Goose and Dashdot are taking to wake up and shake up the world of investing.

In his own awesome book Limitless – The Renegade’s Guide To Building Wealth Through Property, Goose lays out his formula for success to enjoy a limitless life, and we dig into some of these in our continuing discussion today.

All of these form part of his limitless property strategy that has helped his clients achieve an average of 61.75% return on capital in just the first 12 months and is helping property investors to achieve their wealth, cashflow and freedom goals up to six times faster than traditional investing strategies, while also reducing their risk.

And interestingly, many of his innovative approaches mirror and parallel our Living By Design approach and integrated self, health, wealth sustainable success strategy I detail in my book The Freedom Formula and implemented by our Know How Property Finance team. But Goose & Dash Dot have also created some very good interesting alternative options on how to make it happen.

Goose’s personal journey and his unique Dash Dot holy trinity approach confirms that it doesn’t matter where you’re at, you can take steps to transform your life and property can be your best vehicle to do just that.

And if you want to get a taste of Goose’s unique dashdot property approach, you can watch his intro video on how to build a portfolio up to six times faster with much less risk by clicking here.

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