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How can meditation unlock the thinking, believing, attitudes and expectations that lead to success?

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Nico DiMattina is an inspirational meditation teacher, a self-mastery coach, corporate wellness facilitator as well as an Ecstatic Dance DJ. And he’s currently enjoying life in the coastal paradise of Byron Bay.

And as you’ll hear in our energising chat, this is a far cry from his previous life, firstly as an elite athlete from an AFL family then as a Silicon Valley headhunter, where he helped find the brightest minds for tech giants Google, Pandora and Coinbase while living in the constant never ending hustle and bustle of New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the US.

But despite seemingly riding high, Nico says he was unfulfilled. And it was that discontent that would lead him to develop a Transcendental Meditation practice that would become his daily source of strength and inspiration.

Now a meditation teacher and coach, Nico also co-founded Rise Ecstatic Disco, an uplifting sober dance party that incorporates cacao, movement, and meditation to help you connect to yourself, each other and nature – I can’t wait to do this with him soon.

Ultimately, it’s Nico’s mission to empower you and I to build our own daily meditation and joy practices in order to feel more connected to realising our full potential.

So in this uplifting and eye opening discussion, Nico and I talk about:

Why TM meditation is so fundamental to your health and wellbeing

Where you need to start with meditation and what steps to take

How you can make meditation a daily practice

He uncovers the power of meditation to help you live your best life

We dive into The Golden Sequence and 4 Pillars that will help you find your own definition of success and fulfilment through self-mastery

And much more.

You can find out more about Nico’s mediation courses, programs and other information at

So I challenge you to join me on his next Being Meditation Technique course where we’ll develop the foundational ‘Self’ side of the ‘Self, Health, Wealth’ triangle.

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