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When investing, the expected rewards are directly proportional to the amount of risk you take. 

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To talk about risk and reward, we continue the conversation with Rasti Vaibhav. Rasti is an Architect and ex-Fund Manager who rose to the heights of corporate investment where he directly managed over $2 billion in funds. 

He is now one of Australia’s ‘go-to’ property portfolio strategists and he’s revolutionising the way aspiring Australians build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios. 

As a self-made robust portfolio owner himself, Rasti uses his unique property wealth blueprint, which combines strategic diversification and sharp negotiation skills to identify ideal opportunities tailored to your circumstances. 

When you understand and mitigate these risks, there is a greater likelihood of enjoying the rewards. 

Here are just a few of Rasti’s key insights on this:

– Every successful property investment journey starts with understanding, managing, and embracing risks.

– To manage risks, conduct a thorough analysis of every aspect of your investment.

– Once you effectively manage the downside risks, you can expect reasonable returns from your investments.

– Buying the right property in the right location for the right price are the key factors that will reduce the downside risks effectively.

Enjoy the conversation.

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