Bushy & Sonya Martin the power of two

On Get Invested, Bushy and Sonya Martin reveal a partnership model for couples to shift the balance and work together towards a fulfilling life of freedom.

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Do you want to live an amazing fulfilling life? Do you and your life partner want to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship where you both get to do meaningful work and make a difference in the world while also spending quality time with your family?

Do you want to be financially free and secure your family’s future, and enjoy the fulfilment that only comes from giving freely to others?

It all sounds so easy on paper.

But how can you achieve and live the holy grail when you are constantly drowning in debt and despair, with no spare time to scratch yourself and no energy to do anything about it, even if you did?

To pay for your increasingly expensive lifestyle that you and your family deserve, you’re working countless hours and you feel stuck in an endless cycle of work and struggle, and every thing and everyone else is suffering, because you’ve got no spare time and no energy. This can result in:

  • You and your partner slowly and invisibly growing apart as underlying resentment, insecurity, guilt, financial stress and feelings of overwhelm grow
  • (For the sole income earner) Feeling stressed, vulnerable and overwhelmed with the responsibility of being the only bread winner, and resent having to work all the time while not spending enough quality time with your family
  • (For the full time parent) Feeling guilty about spending money, feeling vulnerable relying on your working partner for income, harbouring quiet resentment from giving up your career and losing your identity, desperately wanting to go back to work but feeling guilty that you wouldn’t be a ‘good parent’ if you do
  • (Dual full time workers) Feeling traumatised and torn trying to keep it together while juggling the demands of work and bringing up your kids
  • Increased emotional and relational pressures from ‘not having enough money’

Unfortunately all of this is pretty normal, even if it is not satisfactory or acceptable.

Why? Because the traditional life model that we’ve all been following just doesn’t work.

And the major reason is that our society has an almost singular focus on income instead of investment. On spending instead of saving. On work instead of wealth building.

In past Get Invested podcasts and in my book The Freedom Formula, I’ve broken down what you need to do in order to invest in your future, but I’ve never before revealed how you can make the shift happen.

So what’s the answer?

What if there is a new way of living and working that will enable you and your partner to have it all?

A different way of approaching how you live life that will have profound impacts on your overall level of satisfaction and enjoyment.

For the first time today I’m going to share with you a new model for living.

And like most good things, it’s simple in concept but challenging in execution.

And the reason I know how effective and life changing it can be is because it’s the different way of living and working that my wife Sonya and I have adopted since we got together over 20 years ago.

So to reveal this unique model of living to you publicly for the first time, as part of the Get Invested summer series, I’m going to replay the audio of the presentation I made
at the recent Money Debates Summit, which was appropriately titled The Power of 2.

And depending on your feedback, its likely to form the basis of a TedX Talk I plan to give in the near future, so please email me at bushy@knowhowproperty.com.au with your feedback on whether you think The Power of 2 life partnership model is an idea worth spreading.

And if you’d like to investigate the Power of 2 program opportunity that Sonya outlines at the end of today’s episode, feel free to book yourself in for the next available session by going visiting this page: https://www.knowhowproperty.com.au/the-power-of-two #thepoweroftwo

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