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Understanding the power of time is one of the most important things property investors must learn, says Michael Olivieri.

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Investment success is never about when, it’s always about where and what, because the best time to invest is always every time you can.

And the earlier you start, and the more time you have up your sleeve, the easier it is.

If you’ve got 15+ years up your sleeve, investing can be like a casual stroll in the park.

But if you’re like the many who leave it until their late 40s and beyond and suddenly have their ‘Oh Shit Super Moment’ when they realise that their super is not going to be anywhere near enough to sustain their lifestyle when they stop work, investing in a short time frame can be like a white knuckle ride.

So the earlier you start the easier it is and today’s guest Michael Olivieri is a living example of the success of this approach.

From a young age Michael could see the benefit of property ownership and wanted to get started as quickly as he could. And as a result, he’s dedicated his career to learning as much as he could about property and he managed to secure his first investment property at the tender age of just 21. And by the time he was 29 he’d grown the value of his portfolio to over $3.5 million as he forged his professional career in commercial property before opening his own successful buyers agency on the Central Coast of NSW.

Enjoy part 1 of the discussion.

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