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Personal accountability. It is one of the critical skills and disciplines that is going to be required to help see you through the challenges of COVID-19 and the market impact, and then take you to success.

And there is no better person to show you how to adopt the mission critical skill of accountability than today’s guest, Darren Finkelstein.

Darren is known as The Accountability Guy. Darren has managed to repeatedly survive and thrive through a whole series of major unexpected challenges throughout his long career, which he shares with us in detail in our chat today. And the underpinning quality that has enabled him to do this, is his consistent accountability to himself and others.

Darren is known as the guy that can make a real difference in your business and your personal life. 

He’s an accountability coach, business advisor and presenter through his business tickthoseboxes.com.au.

He’s been well-credentialed throughout his own journey, which is filled with high achievement and great success side by side with the lowest of the lows. Darren is a proven survivor and thriver – he has solid skills that prove that he walks his talk. 

As a business advisor and mentor, he delivers real results and helps businesses, professionals and their teams to be fully-accountable. He works with you to focus on accountability, so you stick to your goals, create great plans, set your priorities and most importantly, helps you get shit done in changing uncertain situations.

As you’ll hear, his past experience includes a high level managerial role with Apple during the inspirational Steve Jobs era. He has also built a successful entrepreneurial business for 15-years in the lifestyle and marine industry.

He’s also the author of three bestselling and award-winning books, has two back to back Entrepreneur of the Year awards to his name, and he works as a lifestyle and outdoors presenter in Melbourne on radio 3AW.

His diverse experience of the highs and lows of business at all levels and in all roles means that he has a full playbook of real tangible no nonsense tips, advice and accountability approaches, that helps you in easily actionable and fun ways.   

There’s never been a more important time for great tips and insights, so enjoy the discussion.

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