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All the traits and behaviours of the most successful people who live by design can be learned and inculcated – it is just about mirroring these people and developing your own set of happy habits and rewarding rituals. And a great place to start is by mirroring the approach of today’s guest Jim Smith.

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Jim has successfully set up his life so that he is now devoting his time to building Focus Tours.

Focus Tours is a fusion of Nepali and Laos charm combined with Australian focus on detail, creating a truly unique and personal experience for travellers looking to enjoy trekking, sightseeing, volunteering and unwinding. If you’re looking to travel to Nepal or Laos and really enjoy the local culture then check it out at www.focustours.com.au.

You’ll love Jim’s down to earth genuine, generous and very caring approach to helping others in everything he’s done and continues to do.

Jim lives a very fulfilled life of freedom where he combines his love of travel with the ability to teach others and help others less fortunate. And he’s done this because he’s lived his entire life by design and with intent – you’ll hear how he’s always been very clear about what he did and didn’t want to do with his life.

He’s had the courage to try and do completely new things and make major changes without apparent fear.  And he’s achieved all of this by making his money, living below his means, and saving and investing it in property in a way that now funds and supports his ideal lifestyle.

Now as you enjoy his entertaining journey, don’t only learn from what he’s done and how he’s done it, but listen out for where he demonstrates the seven lifestyle wealth building characteristics of confidence, frugality, responsibility, social indifference, focus,  planning and delayed gratification, so that you can start learning these traits as essential to your future success.

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