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Richard Crabb is the Managing Director of Aspire Network where he has been able to combine his 20+ years of personal and professional experience across property, finance and business leadership.

He has created a leading edge, professional and national platform to help you find, secure and deliver the best property solution to achieve your needs, strategy and ‘sleep at night’ factor.

Richard is as passionate as I am about the need for independent and impartial professionalism to protect and secure your interests in the property market.

And his commitment to improving and regulating the professional standards of the industry has been rewarded with his recent inclusion on the highly respected Board of PIPA – the Property Investment Professionals of Australia.

During our highly engaging and wide ranging discussion, you will not only hear about the best possible investment approach, you will also:

  • Hear about the future of the property market
  • Find out what impact the Federal Labor Party’s sweeping changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax treatment will have on the economy at large and everyone of you personally as a home owner, renter or investor
  • Learn about PIPA, what they do and how they can help you
  • Find out how to find a professional independent team that you can trust in all of the key aspects of property to protect your interests and minimise any risk

If you enjoy what Richard has to say and would like to find out more about the Aspire Network, please get in touch with me via email or phone 08 8383 6990.

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