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Greg Moulton is a highly regarded leadership consultant who prides himself on creating tribes through brand, plans and behaviours.

Starting life as a naturally talented tennis player with a great love of sport, his professional career began in real estate where he quickly rose into State Management and CEO roles for leading real estate companies, growing large and successful business franchises. This was rewarded with his role as President and board member of The Real Estate Institute.

His natural leadership style and love of sport has also been utilised and recognised through his work with elite sporting clubs including AFL teams Carlton, Adelaide Crows and currently with the Adelaide 36ers in the NBL.

In short, Greg Moulton is a recognised local living legend.

On a personal level, ‘Moults’ has become a business mentor for the KnowHow team and a lot of what he taught us has resulted in our ongoing business success, and we still utilise his performance approaches.

Greg is one of those guys who is very humble and his relaxed down to earth manner belies his very sharp intellect and the ability to read people, situations and dynamics well and quickly create collective collaboration to achieve great things very quickly.

In this easy going conversation you will learn some great and very easy to implement approaches to improve your own and your teams performance, including:

  • The ‘3 Things’ model
  • Keep, Stop, Start
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • & The Non Negotiables

Achieving success isn’t rocket science but there are a number of key principles, people and process elements that you need to consider and there is no better way to learn it and make it happen that to enjoy the wisdom of Greg ‘Moults’ Moulton.

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