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If you are serious about living a life less ordinary and are prepared to do the self-work required to break through and make the changes, then you are going to love this episode’s guest.

Alistair Horscroft is an Advisor For Lives Less Ordinary and founder of The Mind Academy and the Optimal Life Co.

He’s a multi-business owner, philosopher, advisor, coach, author, designer and optimal life researcher. He has been a TV presenter, brand developer, therapist, trainer and creator for over 20 years. His own life and achievements are most certainly in the ‘life less ordinary’ category.

Alistair has an honours degree in philosophy, is a coach and coach trainer, as well as a master trainer of clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

He originally shot into the public eye with his hit Discovery Channel TV series ‘The Life Guru’ which ran for over five years in Europe.

With over 20 years of training and practice he’s a recognised expert in behaviour change, as well as the practical applications of philosophy, coaching and modern psychology for success, peace of mind and emotional, mental and physical well-being.

His shows and training formats are still emulated the world over today. In London he was known as the ‘therapist’s therapist’ and celebrity coach. He worked with celebrities, rock and pop stars, elite sportspeople, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Alistair will help you be emotionally well, mentally creative, physically vital, spiritually aware, happy in relationships and achieve your life goals.

With great humour, insight, and knowledge, Alistair will help you go to the next level.

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