In this episode of the Get Invested podcast, I was lucky enough to speak with the inspiring burst of energy that is Dianna Somerville. Di has worn a lot of hats in her career. Corporate strategist, network builder, economic development innovator, innovation culture builder, regional Australia advocate, major event designer, geographical diversity implementer, global ecosystem member and community champion – just to name a few!

Our conversation was wide-ranging and included plenty of philosophical tangents and anecdotes from Di. We covered her early career and how she invested her time, money and other resources to arrive at where she is today – a leader and advocate for innovation and a better future.

Listen to the full episode to hear all this, plus things like:

  • Di’s experience serving in the navy
  • How to make tough choices
  • What to do if you’ve lost or are losing your professional identity
  • The dangers of workaholism
  • Why society needs to rethink its perspective on ‘failure’
  • The power of storytelling, and showing other people what’s possible
  • The factors an entrepreneur needs to have in order to succeed
  • The difference between ‘country people’ and ‘city people’
  • How Di has balanced career and family pressures
  • The benefits of having detractors around you
  • The key to stable partnerships



Regional Pitchfest

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