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Money is the lifeblood enabler of our choices, the fuel for our freedom and a voice to do good. This is the strong belief of our guest, Dorothy Illson.

Dorothy is a breath of fresh air and an agent of optimism when it comes to shining the spotlight on those of us who share her vision of leveraging our personal and professional success to better the world.

Dorothy has a great podcast called Do Well & Do Good which showcases a growing tribe of trail blazers who are using their financial prosperity to help others and improve the world – it is a great listen so subscribe to Do Well & Do Good and have a regular listen as inspiration for how you too can make a difference.

Her drive to find greater meaning in her life and to make a difference through her podcast stemmed from the fact that while she has achieved great levels of financial success in her Needle Eye Media facebook advertising agency, she was struggling to find the deeper purpose in her path that tapped into her generosity and desire to help others.

Through sharing great podcast stories, it is Dorothy’s goal to inspire a generation of individuals to create your own success, to soar to new heights of personal and professional achievement, and to power positivity in a way that lights your souls on fire.

In our lively and energising conversation you’ll learn:

  1. The inspiring question to ask yourself when you are challenged or experiencing problems
  2. How to change your mood quickly and easily when you are feeling down
  3. How to write your goals in a way that will massively improve their impact

It is Dorothy’s hope that her podcast stories can motivate you to push your personal achievements to new heights. From there, she wants to inspire you to feed your human need for contribution by being a force for good in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

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