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Property educator and coach Mary Palaric believes that achievement and success are ageless.

In her 50s, Mary has started four property businesses in Queensland and New South Wales and is on her way to more than doubling the earnings she used to make as a corporate executive. Mary thinks of herself as a poster girl for “It’s never too late”.  She is using creative property acquisition strategies to establish joint venture projects that will achieve over $1 million in profit for her investors.

Mary is now inspiring and coaching people who share her passion for property through her property education and coaching program. She strongly believes that with the right mindset, systems, tools and network, anyone can invest in themselves as well as property to achieve sustainable wealth.

In our open and engaging discussion you’ll learn:

  1. That your work and life skills are transferrable to property as an ‘investorpreneur’ 
  2. How to successfully secure property using joint ventures to leverage your position
  3. What ‘chunk deals’ are
  4. And why good news doesn’t get better with time and what it means to you as an investor

You’ll love Mary’s energy and straight forward talking that will further inspire you to advance your investment journey.

And if today’s great conversation motivates you to want to hear more from her, then I invite you to come and join us both at the upcoming Wake Up Adelaide conference in Adelaide on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd of November 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Visit:

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