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We continue our mini-series on property investment learnings and insights.

Did you know that over 555,000 of residential properties are bought in Australia each year and between 25- 35% of these being investment properties?

Now I know first hand how good property investment can be to help you enjoy a great lifestyle, yet sadly only 5% or 1 in 20 investors achieve sustainable success.

And unfortunately property investing is the second most common reason that Australians lose money.

Why is this?

Many private property investors and home buyers want to invest in property and ‘live the dream’, but are often not informed enough about the risks that come with it due to:

– The sheer volume of investment information providing conflicting advice
– Interested parties such as real estate agents and developers providing biased advice
– Reliance on existing property reports that only focus on current or past market values, data or conditions

So one of the key secrets for success in property is to access current, high quality independent and objective forward looking research based on the key investment criteria integrated with economic forecast algorithms – and the only place you are going to find this in Australia is with Riskwise Property Research – check them out at

So to help you tackle the future and invest with confidence, this episode is part 2 of our special chat with Doron Peleg.

Last episode we looked at the past, summarised the learnings and reinforced the benefits of adopting Riskwise’s unique macro to micro research approach.

If you haven’t listened to part 1, go back and have a listen to this first as it forms the basis of today’s forward-looking discussion.

Now we take last episode’s learnings and look to the future. We glean Doron’s well informed and intelligent insights into what is likely to happen that will influence property nationally and conclude with a detailed run down on where are the best areas to invest across the country moving forward if you’re looking for sustainable growth.

So if you want to know what is likely to happen with your property in the future or you want to know what to invest in – and where –
then you can’t afford to miss today’s informative insights.

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