Check out this episode to find out how Dr. Stewart Mason adapted US military philosophy, and used it to live an exceptional life. Stewart is a practising veterinarian, a father of three, an ultra-marathoner, a small business owner and someone who’s taken a proactive approach to designing a great life.

In our fascinating conversation, we followed Stewart’s journey in both his professional and personal life, touching on issues of fear and uncertainty. We also discussed frameworks for being happy and how to approach leaving a legacy. Stewart is a real ball of energy, and this show is sure to give you a real motivation boost.

Here are a few other topics we dig deep into:

  • The key qualities that make a good ultramarathoner
  • The draw for Stewart into high-performance areas like veterinary and neuroscience
  • The acronym VUCA, and what it stands for
  • Why DNF are the letters that every ultra athlete fears the most
  • How to push through particularly difficult moments in life
  • The four tenets of human happiness and success
  • The challenges of being a clinician and a business owner at the same time
  • Why fear is such a prevalent part of many people’s lives


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